Beautiful Wedding on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 57

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 57 started with the awkward atmosphere on the family room with the appearance of Yeol as Tae Phil’s girl friend. People kind of didn’t know what to say and Mrs.Hwang decided to walk out. Mr.Hwang asked Yeol to give them sometimes. Even though she felt a bit offended by the walked out action Mrs.Hwang did, Yeol stayed polite and said that her feelings towards Tae Phil was real and sincere and two of them were serious in their relationship.

Tae Phil and her brothers tried to talk to their mom. Mrs. Hwang hitting Tae Phil in the way a mother hit their kids when they are naughty. But Tae Phil wasn’t the one who got hit from the mother, all of his brothers were too. Tae Hee for knowing about Tae Phil’s relationship with Yeol but didn’t do anything about it. Tae Bom got hit for lying to her about moving out from the in-laws’ while actually he didn’t. And Tae Shik got hit because he couldn’t teach his younger brothers the right thing as the eldest.
I like this scene, very natural and close to our reality lives. It’s just like seeing your mother or your neighbor teaching the children when they’re naughty. For parents children will always be kids even though they’re all grown up and even become parents themselves. I think this part of story is what makes Ojakgyo Brothers really close to viewers’ heart.

With Mi Sook refused to get married in her condition (injured arm), Tae Hee and Ja Eun were ready to take their wedding date and place. Tae Hee formally visit Baek In Ho to ask permission to marry his daughter and started to call him “abeonim” (father in-law). The visit was just a formality because Baek In Ho was strongly supported Tae Hee to become his son in-law. He was also very grateful for Tae Hee to help him clear his name from the hit and run case 26 years ago.

Meanwhile for Tae Shik and Mi Sook, they just reschedule their wedding ceremony, but they had registered their married and Tae Shik even adopted Ha Na to be his daughter, Hwang Ha Na.

Meanwhile for Kim Je Ha, he told Ja Eun that he was going back to US and would probably go back to Korea the soonest as a year. He still had to deal with his problem with his father. And then Kim Je Ha told Ja Eun that she was accepted for an internship in one of the animation companies in Us. She could start on April and the internship would last for about a year.

At dinner time, the table was full with Baek In Ho joined dinner with them. The main menu that night was Mrs. Hwang delicious duck. Everyone was happy that finally Mrs.Hwang and Ja Eun’s hard work on the ducks succeeded. Baek In Ho agreed with Ja Eun’s idea of sharing the ownership of the farm with Mr. and Mrs. Hwang (3 owners, not 2). Mr. Baek proposed that good idea to Mr. Hwang, but Mr. Hwang said he couldn’t take that offer.

Then they started to talk about the kids’ marriage. Mr. Baek asked Ja Eun what did they have to do with the marriage since she was accepted for internship in US. Tae Hee was surprised because Ja Eun hadn’t told him yet, but Ja Eun said she’s not going. She and Tae Hee had been through a lot, so she wouldn’t put any chance away anymore. When Tae Hee asked her personally if she really didn’t want to go, Ja Eun said she wanted to go, but she wanted to marry Tae Hee a lot more.

The wedding day finally came. Ja Eun showed up in her beautiful wedding dress and looked stunning that Tae Hee dropped his jaw when he saw her. “You look pretty,” said Tae Hee. “You too,” said Ja Eun.

The wedding was attended by both Tae Hee and Ja Eun’s close friends and families. Tae Hee’s police fellow came in full uniform and gave him the official salute. Dong Min, Tae Hee’s partner, was the MC of the event. Kim Je Ha came and her money gifts made Tae Phil dropped his jaw, speechless.

It was a beautiful wedding…almost perfect with the handsome bride and groom. Funny thing happened when they bowed to each other. They had to bow and up several times because each of them thought their partner wasn’t finish bowing so they was back to bow while the other was up, and it happened several times that made everyone laughed.

The most important part of the wedding was when the couple declared their vows towards each other in front of their guests. What was missing from the wedding was the wedding officer. Tae Shik received a news that the wedding officer got a small accident that he couldn’t make it to the wedding. So when it’s time for the wedding advice from the wedding officer, Dong Min announced that Mrs. Hwang would take the role.

Mrs. Hwang was surprised but finally came up to the podium. Her first words startled everyone: “I oppose this wedding.”

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