The Emotional Reunion of Ja Eun and Tae Hee in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 55

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 55 is the return of the happy days again. Mrs. Hwang came to the orphanage to visit Ja Eun and deliver the good news: Grandmother had given Ja Eun and Tae Hee her permission. Ja Eun was so touched and very thankful, but I think the guilty feelings on behalf of her father didn’t let her embrace the offer of going back to the farm in a releave.

At the farm that evening, Grandmother sat with Mr. Hwang, Tae Hee, Tae Shik and Tae Phil. She told Tae Hee that she’s giving him and Ja Eun her permission. She said they, as the children, had no fault regarding the unfortunate event 26 years ago. She also said that she missed Ja Eun’s bright smile during their breakfast together and wanted to see both Ja Eun and Tae Hee’s smile again. Tae Hee and his brothers said thank you to the Grandmother. But Grandmother told Tae Hee to thank his father for letting her giving the permission. So all the elders had come to their senses and Tae Hee had no more obstacle in his relationship with Ja Eun. But the family received the news from Mrs. Hwang that Ja Eun refused to go back to the farm, but she’s going to stay there for few days to persuade her. Tae Phil and Tae Shik congratulated Tae Hee and told him to go quickly pick up Ja Eun. Surprisingly, Tae Hee said no, he had a work to do first. Tae Phil said to Tae Shik, “Is he in the right mind or not?”

Meanwhile at Ja Eun’s room at the orphanage, she got her quality time with Mrs. Hwang. Earlier when Mrs. Hwang just arrived, the kids at the orphanage asked if she’s Ja Eun’s mom. She said yes. And that night, Ja Eun and Mrs. Hwang had soju together. Mrs. Hwang asked Ja Eun what she liked from Tae Hee. Ja Eun said that everytime she saw Tae Hee, she always wanted to give him a hug. She said that’s maybe because Tae Hee always be alone and never smiled, seemed like he had waited for someone all his life. So everytime she saw Tae Hee smiled at her, she felt so happy with a pounding heart. Mrs. Hwang said she understood because she once had that kind of love experience too. She told Ja Eun that the Grandmother actually opposed her to marry Mr. Hwang, but Mr. Hwang insisted and even threatened of ending his life.

I love seeing their quality time here. They laughed, cried, enjoyed soju and shared their touching stories together just like a real mother and daughter. The happy Mrs. Hwang even said, “In here I am not Tae Hee’s mother. I’m Ja Eun’s mother.”

Tae Hee worked on revealing the real culprit of the hit and run case that cost his father’s life 26 years ago. He’s just a few more steps closer on proving that Baek In Ho was innocent and Lee Ki Cheol was the bad guy. Receiving Grandmother’s permission kind of made Tae Hee really needed to finished everything as quickly and percise as he could. Picking up Ja Eun was an easy thing, but as a detective and a son of the victim, he had something else more important to do first.

Dong Min, his junior partner, helped him a lot in this case. With Dong Min’s more friendlier approach of asking Mr. Hong’s mother about the person who paid her surgery bill 26 years ago, they finally got the real evidence pointing right away to Lee Ki Cheol. It’s the bank print out that Mr. Hong’s mother gave them. Lee Ki Cheol’s name was written clearly in there. Lee Ki Cheol’s is the chief police, Tae Hee’s boss.

(Joo Won really looks like Kang Dong Won in that expression, doesn’t he?)

But Mr. Hong was about to flee to Beijing under the order of Lee Ki Cheol. Baek In Ho came to the airport to give him the name and number of someone that could help Mr. Hong while he’s in Beijing. For Baek In Ho, Mr.Hong had been the only loyal person to him all this time…until Tae Hee came and showed them the bank account book. Baek In Ho, Tae Hee and Dong Min went to the Chief to make him confess. Lee Ki Cheol finally confessed and the authotirity came to arrest him.

Tae Hee finally went hurriedly to where Ja Eun was. While he was on the wheel, Baek In Ho called Ja Eun from Seoul. He delivered the good news. Ja Eun couldn’t hold her happiness cry. Kim Je Ha and Mrs. Hwang who were there asked her what’s going on that she’s crying. Ja Eun told them the good news.

Ja Eun ran outside, waiting for Tae Hee to arrived. And soon the ajeossi came to her, and his heart-melting smile was back too. They looked at each other with lots of emotion. Tae Hee approached Ja Eun, “Have you been well?” Ja Eun asked the same question too. Tae Hee said, “No, I haven’t. ” Ja Eun said, “Neither have I.” Ja Eun was about to say more things, but Tae Hee grabbed her and hugged her tight. They cried together, but this time…it’s a happy cry they shared together.

Hfftt, finally, this drama has back to its bright days. I hate watching Tae Hee went back to his bleak character with lack of smiles and sad eyes. Joo Won is actually pretty good for bleak and gloomy expression because its his natural face expression. But that what makes his smile very precious, and Tae Hee’s wounded character is so suitable for him. I also missed Ja Eun’s bright smile and blinking wide eyes. With the main conflict is settled up, the family had no more to worry about.

Gook Soo also had finally given his permission for Tae Shik to marry Mi Sook. And Gook Soo- Mi Sook’s relationship had been going well, too, with Mi Sook’s motherly approach to that kid.

Meanwhile Tae Phil-Yeol’s backstreet relationship is going to have a future too with the permission from Yeol’s sister, Tae Phil’s brother’s mother-in-law. Tae Beom and Soo Yeong was about to tell Soo Yeong’s parents about their moving out, but Mrs. Cha told them that she would let their marriage and household alone. Mr. Cha told Soo Yeong about Mrs. Cha’s medical check up result, which might have something not right in her health. This was also the reason why Mrs. Cha finally gave Yeol her permission, but she had asked Soo Yeong not to tell about her illness to her littler sister.

Today’s episode would be full of smiles again, I guess. Especially the smiles on Hwang family dining table. Oohh, I miss their cheerful and fullhouse dining table.


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