The Proposal and The Passionate Kisses in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 56

As we all expected, Tae Hee and Ja Eun’s relationship is blooming again. Tae Hee brought Ja Eun back to the farm and they had their private time in their favorite meeting place: the warehouse. They absolutely missed each other and Tae Hee couldn’t even hold his intention to kiss his girl passionately. (Aaawwww, Hwang Tae Hee could be naughty!) :D

And eventually Tae Hee put back again the couple ring into Ja Eun’s hand, saying, “Will you accept (this ring) again?” A smile came out of Ja Eun’s face and she let him put it back on her finger and she also put it on his. With the permission from the parents and the fact that the whole family already love Ja Eun, their marriage is just about setting out time.

Oh I’m so happy for this couple :)



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The summary

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It’s a very pleasant scene watching the whole family sit together in a happy situation. Baek In Ho also came to the farm to ask for apology and say his grateful to Mr. Hwang and Grandmother. Even Tae Bom and Soo Yeong also came to the family celebration. And the family picture finally could be hung on the wall. Everyone was happy and the Grandmother seemed to be the happiest. She couldn’t hold her tears from falling, saying that she’s very happy that she could even rest in peace if tomorrow never comes.

Tae Hee and Ja Eun got their private time in the warehouse. Ja Eun started nagging him about his face looking thin. “You didn’t eat well, did you? You should stop that bad habit…” and Tae Hee suddenly stole a kiss!  Ja Eun stop and ‘enjoyed’ the kiss… :)

Tae Hee called Ja Eun’s name a couple of times, then asked her if she would accept their couple ring again. Ja Eun smiled and nodded. After Tae Hee put it on her finger, Ja Eun asked for doing the same thing to Tae Hee. they hugged each other tightly after that.

It’s the brothers’ drinking time! I always love watching this activity where the brothers sit together to drink. They went out for drink to celebrate Tae Hee’s success in finding out the real hit and run culprit and reunion with Ja Eun. This time, all the brothers brought along their women, except for Tae Phil. Realizing that he was the only one without any partner, Tae Phil complained, “Had I known it’s gonna be couples’ night out, I ‘d have brought Yeol along.” Tae Hee asked who Yeol was. Tae Phil said she’s his girlfriend. Tae Phil congratulated him but Tae Bom said he wouldn’t do that if he knew who Yeol was. Tae Hee was surprise when knowing that Tae Phil’s girlfriend was Nam Yeol, Soo Yeong’s aunt. Only the clueless Ja Eun gave her support saying that it’s not against the law.

The next day Tae Hee and Ja Eun had a fancy lunch in the same restaurant where they broke up last time. Tae Hee kind of wanted to pay from the bad memory last time. Then they’re talking about when they should get married. Ja Eun thought that Tae Hee thought she wanted to get married quickly by asking why they should get married on May instead of April. Mrs. Hwang was the one who said that it’s better to have 2 months spare after the first wedding, Tae Shik and Mi Sook’s wedding. But then Tae Hee said, “It’s me who wants to get married quickly.” Ja Eun smiled and said, “Okay then, we should tell ajeomma about getting married on April.”

Tae Hee dropped Ja Eun to work after lunch. They’re saying good bye and Ja Eun was already went into the elevator. But Tae Hee suddenly changed his mind and ran to her, but he was late. He decided to run up the stairs to the 5th floor. When Ja Eun’s elevator arrived, Tae Hee was already there…out of breath. Ja Eun was confused about what’s going on. Tae Hee came in and said he wanted to be more expressive in their relationship. Then he kissed her. This time, Ja Eun held Tae Hee tight when kissing him back. :)

Another good news for the couple is they’re getting married first before Tae Shik! It’s Tae Shik’s fault that he got Mi Sook’s hand injured while he was over excited seeing Mi Sook looked so beautiful in her wedding dress on their dress fitting. Mi Sook refused to get married in that condition even though Tae Shik insisted on continue on their plan. The Grandmother then decided to have Tae Hee and Ja Eun got married on that day if Mi Sook didn’t want to do it. Tae Hee said they’ll think about it.

I love looking at this expression of Tae Hee…

And the ending of this episode was very hilarious. Mrs. Hwang was about to yell at Tae Bom and Soo Yeong for postponing their plan to live separate from Soo Yeong’s parents but ended up protesting Grandmother for cutting her words all the time that made her unable to speak what she wanted to speak. Then Tae Phil brought home his surprise: his girlfriend. Grandmother said, “Where have I seen her that she looks familiar?” Mr. Hwang said, “It’s Soo Yeong’s aunt.” And Mrs. Hwang looked like suddenly out of her mind by keep on laughing out loud.

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