BIG Episode 1 Quick Summary

Big Episode 1 started with a girl who was running with a bouquet to someone’s wedding. She’s the florist delivery girl Gil Da Ran.

Apparently the bride was her old friend and all her girl friends were there. She’s the only one who wasn’t invited to the wedding. But Da Ran didn’t take it a big deal. She did her job, and then ate at that wedding, and then joined her old friends in front of the church, waiting for the bride throwing the bouquet.

Da Ran was over excited trying to catch the bouquet. She fell too far backwards, off the stairs, and in a very slow motion during her falling, a hand was actually trying to catch her, but missed a little inches. It was the hand of Seo Yoon Jae. Da Ran fell off the stairs…quite far down.

That story ended up with a happy ending. Da Ran was then dating that man, Seo Yoon Jae who turned out to be a doctor and they even were gonna get married soon. She sent her story to the radio and made a request for Lee Seung Gi’s song “Shall we get married.” She was enjoying the radio show during her travel on the bus. Then she noticed a boy sitting opposite her was staring at her. She was awkward until she got off the bus, thinking that she’s that pretty that even attract a younger boy’s attention.

It was raining so Da Ran opened her yellow umbrella. Suddenly the same boy caught her hand and joined her under the umbrella. Da Ran was a bit panic saying that she’s engaged and not interested in younger boy. “It’s not like that,” said the boy coldly. “This is mine.” Apparently, when Da Ran was listening to the radio show on the bus, she didn’t realize that her umbrella fell off the seat and she took the boy’s umbrella instead. Cutely, Da Ran kept walking along with that boy under the umbrella. “Are you really going to walk under umbrella?” protested the boy. Da Ran said no. Her destination was already near, actually just a head of them: the high school.

Da Ran’s personality is a bit strange. She’s too cutely childish for an adult. The way she talked so fast like a teenage girl to that boy was cute, but for me it was way too cute for a school teacher.

Anyhow, the boy turned out to be a new student transferred from the US. His name was Kang Gyeong Joon. Da Ran was appointed by her senior to take Gyeong Joon around the school for a tour.

Gyeong Joon spoke with a dropped-honorific to Da Ran. She protested in a cutely nice way, emphasizing that at school she was a teacher and he was a student. Da Ran had to try hard to make Gyeong Joon addressed her appropriately as “Gil Da Ran sonsaengnim (teacher).” While she’s showing the library to Gyeong Joon, she got a call from her boyfriend. Too bad they couldn’t meet because the doctor bf was so busy. But he said Da Ran could stop by the hospital later that night. After Da Ran picked up her phone, Gyeong Joon went out of the library from the window.

Right behind the library he encountered three school ‘thugs’ led by Gil Choong Shik. That boy was going to give Gyeong Joon a tough first day, but the indifferent Gyeong Joon turned the situation. He played with Choong Shik, pretending he couldn’t speak Korean. “Stupid!” said Gyeong Joon before he left. It pissed Choong Shik off and he was about to throw a fist to Gyeong Joon when a hand caught it. It was Gil Da Ran, who apparently his teacher slashed older sister.

Kang ran a lonely life in his large empty house and a stack of frozen junk foods in the fridge for his dinner.

Da Ran came to the hospital to visit Yoon Jae but found just an empty office. While waiting for him she pinned their picture on the wall.  She recalled the memory of how she and Yoon Jae was discussing about their future bed. However, Yoon Jae didn’t show up and Da Ran just went  to her father’s restaurant.

Gyeong Joon got a new motorbike from his uncle. That man asked Gyeong Joon why he insisted on staying alone in that big empty house. Gyeong Joon stayed there for the memory of his late mother. He was sleeping in the same bed he used to sleep on when he was a child.

Then he went to the furniture shop to buy a bed. In the same time, Da Ran also went there to buy that exact same bed because she had planned to buy in her previous visit.

Knowing Gyeong Joon intended to buy that too, she started to persuade Gyeong Joon to change his mind, but that didn’t work for the indifferent kid. She accidentally broke the bed nets’ bar and she persuaded Gyeong Joon to buy it but again, it didn’t work for him even though Da Ran treated him a lunch.

Dr. Seo seemed to be very busy all the time that he didn’t have any time for his fiancee. Da Ran looked down the rest of the lunch time. In the hospital, it seemed that a female doctor Da Ran met earlier was Yoon Jae’s friend and she seemed to be jealous of Yoon Jae-Da Ran’s relationship that  took off the picture the couple’s picture on the wall and threw it to the trash bin.

Da Ran gave Gyeong Joon a uniform. After changing his clothes, Gyeong Joon take a quick look inside his pocket: an image of two angels trying to embrace each other.

At another place Seo Yoon Jae seemed to plan of leaving somewhere far. He hid his plane ticket in a tale story book titled Miracle. The book had the same angles’ picture like the picture Gyeong Joon had in his pocket. And it was only one ticket. He’s not leaving with Da Ran.

Da Ran was running a tough life. Because of her personality, she was teased by her students so often that they seemed to disrespect her. It took Choong Shik to stop the boys from playing on his sister.

Da Ran was also having a hard time with her relationship. She called Yoon Jae and that man told her over again that he’s too busy that he couldn’t meet her. “Are you really that busy?” demanded Da Ran. She almost cried. Yoon Jae tried to explain, but hearing Da Ran’s voice he asked if she’s okay.  Da Ran started to cry. “The truth is I’m not okay. I’m a bit tired here that you keep too busy to meet me. Are you marrying me because you feel sorry for me? Because on my side, I love you. If you’re marrying me because you feel sorry, then just don’t do it.”

Accidentally saw the crying Da Ran on the courtyard, Gyeong Joon  grabbed her hand, gave her a ride with his new motorbike and took her to peaceful place by the lake to clear her mind. Gyeong Joon talked to her about something and closed it with the famous tone of “sorry.” Da Ran corrected his tone and expression by telling him the most similar way with the original version. It’s the famous expression from a gag concert show. Then she added, “What about this one, do you know.. ‘phooing phooing’? Gyeong Joon jerked on the expression. “You really don’t know phooing phooing?” Da Ran even do it with the proper cute expression. “Try this then, phooing phooing.”

Then suddenly she got a call from Yoon Jae. That man apologized for their previous phone call and agreed to meet her. He’s coming to where Da Ran was. Listening to this phone call conversation, Gyeong Joon decided to leave.

Gyeong Joon was on his way leaving while Yoon Jae was on his way coming. But there’s an unstable car passed through Yoon Jae’s car and ended up making an impact with another car from the opposite direction. The street was blocked and both Gyeong Joon and Yoon Jae were avoiding a blocked street. The consequence of that was they both jumped off the cliff and fell into the water.

Yoon Jae was trapped in his car while Kang was drowning. Yoon Jae managed to come out and was heading the surface when decided to come back to get Gyeong Joon out of the water but his hand never reached Gyeong Joon’s…there their position was like the angels’ position in the book.

Getting into the hospital, Yoon Jae was announced dead. His body was brought to the morgue. Da Ran couldn’t take the situation well. She started to cry on the corridor, just like a little girl.

Meanwhile in the morgue…suddenly Yoon Jae woke up. Ooooowww Gong Yoo’s perfect back muscle!! (I could hear Blossom’s scream: he’s miiiiiinnnneeee!’) :D  He was staring at his reflection in the mirror, looked startled by his own (so perfect) image. (OMG, the abs… :left: B) )

Yoon Jae went out to the corridor and found Da Ran was still crying.

Da Ran saw him and hurriedly embraced him and started to mix fast speaking and crying, “Yoon Jae I’m sorry. I thought you died. I’m sorry…” And then to her surprise, her boyfriend said, “I am Kang Gyeong Joon.” At first Da Ran thought it’s just the effect of the accident. “But how did you know Gyeong Joon?” Gyeong Joon tried to explain to her what he thought was happening. Then thinking of himself, he went back to the morgue, thought the dead body lied on the next bed was his. Apparently not.

Da Ran was still trying to convince him that he got confused because of the accident. Then she asked him what was the last thing she told him when they saw each other. “It was phooing phooing,” said Gyeong Joon. “How could you know that?” Da Ran was still startled. “I’m not Seon Yoon Jae. I’m Kang Gyeong Joon!” He almost lost his patience.

Gyeong Joon underwent the MRT check. After that, in the corridor he saw his father and then saw himself in a coma. His had accidentally touched another patient’s hand. Seeing the blood on his hand, his memory back to the moment when he saw his mother died on the street. He cried.

Da Ran finally saw Kang Gyeong Joon in a coma. She started to figured out the connection of her rise from dead boyfriend who insisted that he’s Kang Gyeong Joon with the coma Gyeong Joon. She looked for Yoon Jae here and there and then came to Gyeong Joon’s house. She found him sleeping on that small bed. She leaned towards him and asked “Kang Gyeong Joon?” Gyeong Joon was awake and answered, “Yes, Gil Da Ran sonsaengnim.”

Lee Min Jeong is so cute here (and Gong Yoo was so hot with his bare body :mrgreen: ). Apparently, because of the accident in front of the church, Da Ran’s experience the effect that made her character a bit childish. And considering Yoon Jae’s cold response to her in this episode, Da Ran’s words might be true that Yoon Jae dated her just because he felt sorry for her. He failed to catch her that day.

The story is very light, but it’s entertaining. So unlike the previous drama war with heavy story lines of dramas, this season is more lighter. Well except for Gaksital, for sure.

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  1. lol. i think more than one will be screaming miiiiinnnne! at GY.

    on the other hand, i don’t think i’ll be trusting a doctor with as perfect a body as Yoon Jae. he’s supposed to be super busy, when did he find the time to work on his muscles? XD.

    but i love, love, simply love GY!

  2. wahhh..i started to like this entertaining..i can’t wait to read the next summary..

  3. daebakk.. can’t wait for the next episode. thank you for your quick summary..

  4. thanks for the recap. i tried to find it quit a long time and finally found it in your blog

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  6. Lol wahhhhh hes miiiiinnnnneeee 2 love the abs of GY love this drama so funny and cute its just that i cant watch some episodes on the neat so i find more interesting reading it thanks 4 the summary keep up the good works

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