BIG Episode 2 Quick Summary

Gil Da Ran insisted Gyeong Joon to go back to the hospital to let the doctor explain what happened to him. But Gyeong Joon had his own way, simpler one, to explain to Da Ran how his soul was switched with Yoon Jae’s. He used robot toys with glasses to illustrate how it all happened.

It took Da Ran a while to really digest the reality and then she said no matter what it’s Yoon Jae’s body, so Gyeong Joon should take care of it well. Later on Da Ran realized that Gyeong Joon lived by himself and his fridge was full of frozen pizzas and cokes.

Waking up in the morning, Gyeong Joon was happy that he didn’t have to go to school. Getting into his fridge, he was surprised that the contents had changed into more healthy foods and drinks.

Da Ran visit Gyeong Joon body, believing that Yoon Jae’s soul was there. She remembered how ther hold each other’s hands in the snow. She remembered how warm Yoon Jae’s hand was.

Da Ran was already late for school morning ceremony. She got enough attention from Ms.Kim. And it’s not long after that, Gyeong Joon came with taxi in panic. He found out his new body got an allergic. Firstly he asked for money to pay the taxi. And then he’s panicking to Da Ran and almost took off his clothes in front of everyone. The other female teachers who were taking a peek misunderstood the situation as an “improper” activity between the two. Da Ran finally brought him to the school clinic and she had to apologize to other teachers.

Gyeong Joon went to the hospital to visit his coma body. In the same time, Da Ran’s father came to the hospital to deliver his homemade mandoo to his future son in-law. Gyeong Joon didn’t recognize him at all so he ignored Mr.Gil. That poor man thought his future son in-law treat him rude. Having her father told her about him coming to the hospital, Da Ran tried to go there. With the help of Teacher Na, Da Ran managed to skip the school to leave for the hospital.

In the hospital Gyeong Joon just realized that he’s a famous pediatrician. He saw Yoon Jae’s face in many posters and it freaked him out. He tried to cover his face all the way up to the coma Gyeong Joon’s room, but he came across Yoon Jae’s friends. Se Yeong asked if he’s okay because he acted strange. Gyeong Joon told them that he got a food poisoning after eating a mushroom.

Da Ran came right in time and brought him away from those doctors. She brought him to Yoon Jae’s room. Gyeong Joon told Da Ran that the female doctor was a bit strange that she acted so intimate towards Yoon Jae. Many physical contacts. The innocent Da Ran thought it was Gyeong Joon who misused Yoon Jae’s handsome face to flirt with women.

Gyeong Joon was lying on Yoon Jae’s bed and when Da Ran gave him her hand to get up, Gyeong Joon’s got back his memory of what happened that day in the water.”I took his hand,” said Gyeon Joon. Then  Da Ran took him to his body and made them hold hands again. Yoon Jae seemed to be back. Da Ran was already in tears and said many sorry-s, but then Yoon Jae said “I’m sorry..phooing phooing! I’m still Kang Gyeong Joon.”

Da Ran left him upset. Gyeong Joon was about to go too but suddenly his uncle and aunt came. Gyeong Joon just realized that his uncle and aunty didn’t really love him. She checked on his stuffs and took his money and cards and throw the rest of the things. Gyeong Joon was upset. He even ignored Da Ran and asked her to leave him alone.

Choong Shik then came in the right time. He defended his sister, but the upset Gyeong Joon had no desire to play along. Choong Shik insisted and it made Gyeong Joon called him “Stupid!” Being alone, Gyeong Joon drank coke instead of mineral water like Da Ran told him. He came back to “his” room in the hospital to look for his stuffs in the dust bin, but it’s empty. Apparently Da Ran picked them up and sent them to Gyeong Joon’s place along with the mandoo.

Da Ran was under interrogation of her brother and father when her mother brought Gyeong Joon in. Gyeong joon figured out how he had to address everyone in Yoon Jae’s place. Mr.Gil and Choong Shik were still upset to him and everything became very awkward. Didn’t know what he should do, Gyeong Joon just said, “Surpriseee!!” (in English).

Da Ran was having an argument with Gyeong Joon outside the house when Choong Shik came and asked what they’re talking about. “Kid doesn’t understand adults’ conversation,” she said to her brother. Gyeong Joon just copied her and said it to Choong Shik with a fullfilment, “Kid doesn’t understand!”

Gyeong Joon was sitting next to Mr.Gil without wearing any socks. That counted a bit impolite in Korea. He also acted very casual, very teenage like and very straight forward saying their house was very small. Then Mr.Gil introduced him to his stone collections. “They’re the representation of my family. This big stone is me, the next one is my wife, this one is Da Ran and the small one is Choong Shik. Since you’re gonna be a family, you’re gonna have your stone here next to Da Ran.” Gyeong Joon’s response was fast, “Oh, no thanks!” (in English).

During dinner Gyeong Joon acted strange, eating without a proper manner. But he’s very excited when Mrs. Gil offered him alcohol. Da Ran tried to hard to prevent it by snatching his glass and drink most of it for him. Later when she walked him home, she reminded him, “You’re still student.”

Gyeong Joon complained about the big body he had now that it didn’t fit his clothes. Da Ran then brought him to Yoon Jae’s apartment to get some clothes. Changing his clothes casually within Da Ran’s sight, Da Ran was panic and turned her heads. “Why are you so panic seeing the body you always see everyday?” asked Gyeong Joon. Then he figured out that Da Ran and Yoon Jae had never had any physical relationship and Da Ran didn’t deny it. “How could you two still hadn’t done it even when you’re very close to marriage?”

Then Da Ran tried to explain how her boyfriend’s characteristic to Gyeong joon. She imagined what he’s gonna say to her that day if they met. Suddenly Gyeong Joon’s expression became serious and he said, “Gil Da Ran, I love you..” Then he switch his expression to his natural again, “This way, this way he’d tell you.” Da Ran said yes, that way he’s gonna tell her.

Suddenly Se Yeong made a call and said she’s coming. Da Ran told Gyeong Joon to go down to meet Se Yeong while she checked on Yoon Jae’s wardrobes. There she a ready to go suitcase. Yoon Jae was leaving somewhere without telling her anything. She even found a passport too.

Meanwhile downstairs, as soon as Gyeong Joon showed up, Se Yeong approached him and hugged him tight. Gyeong Joon was confused and shrugged her off. Se Yeong said “I love you.” In the same time, Da Ran came out and called his name.

The smart Gyeong Joon figured out what was going on between these people. He looked at both women in turns and said, “Seo Yoon Jae this bastard.”

Gong Yoo is so cute playing the indifferent Gyeong Joon. But the hilarious thing is when Gyeong Joon was still trying to adjust himself in that big and well shaped body. He looked at the body here and there, the back to the abs…compliment it and enjoy having it… well, i think that’s quite make sense to be overwhelmed when your soul is in someone else’s body and it’s bigger, better shape and sexier. :D

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