BIG Episode 9 Quick Summary

Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were in a rush to the hospital. On their way, Gyeong Joon tried to explain to Da Ran what he experienced in that glimpsed of moment. Meanwhile in the hospital, the nurses found Gyeong Joon’s body was already on the floor. They rushed him for a further examination.

In the hospital, Gyeong Joon and Da Ran met Se Yeong who was surprised the newlyweds were there. Gyeong Joon said he got the news about Gyeong Joon, so he rushed there to check it before leaving for honeymoon.

In the parking lot, the newlyweds were arguing if they should really go for their traveling or stay to watch any progress. The couple ended up fighting. Da Ran said she didn’t really want to go with Gyeong Joon, and the boy was also upset so she just drove home alone while Da Ran left hospital bringing her luggage on foot.

Da Ran spent her day in Jjimjilbang while Gyeong Joon came back home. In Jjimjilbang, Gil family also was there to spend their day, meanwhile in Gyeong Joon’s house the creepy lady in white turned out to be Jang Ma Ri.

Ma Ri moved to Gyeong Joon’s house without his permission. Gyeong Joon said she couldn’t live there. Ma Ri insisted on staying but Gyeong Joon was firm with his words and Ma Ri had no choice but to go out. Meanwhile in jjimjilbang, Choong Shik called Da Ran to check if she’s really in China. He actually saw her and would have caught her red handed eating eggs if Da Ran hadn’t fled herself to women’s quarter. Choong Shik told his parents but they didn’t believe him.

It was late and Gyeong Joon was walking out on the pathway worrying Da Ran. The Gil family was on their way back home. Once again, it was Choong Shik who realized that the man he saw walking on the pathway was his brother in-law. Choong Shik asked his father to move backward and they caught Gyeong Joon.

They brought Gyeong Joon to their house. Choong Shik told the family that he saw someone like Da Ran in jjimjilbang. Gyeong Joon told them that Da Ran went to China alone, while he couldn’t go because there’s an urgent case in the hospital related to his patient.   The parents bought the story and they asked Gyeong Joon to stay overnight there. He was enjoying himself eating dinner in Gil house. He made a call to Da Ran to tell her that he’s with her family for the night and told her what he had told them.

Se Yeong told Yoon Jae’s mother that the newlyweds didn’t go for their honeymoon. She told Yoon Jae’s mother that it’s because Yoon Jae went back to the hospital to check on a patient, a foreign high school boy without any parents named Kang Gyeong Joon. Yoon Jae’s mother realized the name was familiar and she confirmed it to Yoon Jae’s father about the name.

Gyeong Joon stayed over night in Gil’s house. He’s staying at Da Ran’s room. Gil family prepared him a big bowl of samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng juice) with a 20 years old ginseng juice Mr.Gil had kept for his son in-law. He made a call to Da Ran telling her his situation in her room. Gyeong Joon asked what she’s eating. She said it’s just ramyeon. “Don’t eat it, that’s mine,” said Gyeong Joon. “But there’s nothing else to eat,” complained Da Ran. “Wait for me to eat together.” Then Gyeong Joon went to his house running, while Da Ran seemed to be happy knowing that Gyeong Joon would come that night. He brought them the samgyetang soup as well as the 20 years old ginseng juice and they ate together. “You should call this ginseng juice as ‘big brother’ because he’s 20 years old while you’re just 19,” said Da Ran. Gyeong Joon looked reluctant but at the end he used the term “hyeong” (big brother) to that ginseng juice.

After having dinner, Gyeong Joon was going back to Gil’s house. Da Ran walked him until the gate. “Why are you following me out?” asked Gyeong Joon. “I just want to see you leave,” said Da Ran sincerely. Gyeong Joon looked happy and touched with that. Before leaving he told Da Ran to come to her parents’ house tomorrow pretending that she’s back from China. Da Ran agreed on the plan.

Back in Da Ran’s room, Gyeong Joon explored the room. He found Da Ran’s pictures with Yoon Jae, as well as many other memorable stuffs in the same box. “Ajeossi, please come back soon,” he said to Yoon Jae’s picture.

That night, Yoon Jae’s mother came to visit Gyeong Joon. She looked teary and was going to touch Gyeong Joon’s face, but refrained. “I’ve never seen you since you’re a kid. So here I’m meeting you, Gyeong Joon.” She dropped a tear and then left.

Gyeong Joon came to visit his body early in the morning. The care taker informed him that last night a lady who seemed to be wealthy came to visit him. Then Ma Ri came and Gyeong Joon asked her to bring him to the restaurant where his uncle was. The restaurant looked pretty much similar to Gyeong Joon’s mother’s restaurant in the US. They even had an article about Gyeong Joon’s mother and her successful restaurant in the US. Gyeong Joon’s aunty and uncle hid seeing Gyeong Joon and Ma Ri came. They even asked the waiter to lie that they’re not present if Gyeong Joon asked about them.

Gyeong Joon was reviewing the food and told the uncle –who finally showed up– to call a Russian acquaintance name Ivan Sergei Malevski to help them. That Russian man was Gyeong Joon’s mother’s acquaintance and played a role in the US restaurant. Gyeong Joon even gave his uncle Ivan’s number.

Gyeong Joon came to visit Yoon Jae’s mother. Gyeong Joon asked if she’s gonna go back to US soon, Yoon Jae’s mother said yes. Then she’s kind of giving a hint to Gyeong Joon about someone that he’s supposed to be meeting long ago but never had a chance to. If somehow they met, it’s a destiny.

Da Ran came to her house and then went to Gyeong Joon’s house. Gyeong Joon was very excited and happy about Da Ran coming back, but it was ruined as soon as he saw Da Ran was bringing the Yoon Jae-memorable-stuffs. It upset Gyeong Joon and he unintentionally dropped the box and break Da Ran’s recorder. It’s was a precious device from Yoon Jae that helped Da Ran study hard. Da Ran’s bringing those stuffs kind of a harsh reminder for Gyeong Joon that this whole thing was never really about him, Gyeong Joon, but about Yoon Jae. The upset Gyeong Joon even removed all Yoon Jae’s clothes and suitcase from his room to Da Ran, saying that those were not his but Yoon Jae’s. He’s still upset until the next day that he refused Da Ran’s offering of food and care. He left for hospital without telling Da Ran.

In the hospital, his friend thanked him for his help on a paper and gave him two tickets for a show. Then he was in his quarter with the kids. A little boy kept refusing his girl friend’s offer of (fake) foods. The situation was actually a projection of what Gyeong Joon had been doing to Da Ran the whole day. Even when Da Ran called him saying that she’s buying him some breads and he insisted on not gonna eat them. The little boy teased him and Gyeong Joon eventually ran home.

Arriving home, Gyeong Joon found his clothes (Gyeong Joon’s real clothes) were already washed and dried outside. His room was also tidied up and arranged by Da Ran. He was touched and called Da Ran that he left a ticket show for her and they would watch it together.

Da Ran was ready to watch the show with Gyeong Joon but Ma Ri came and asked if she could go to that show instead of her. She exchanged the ticket with the movie tickets she got from Choong Shik at school earlier that day.

Meanwhile Se Yeong was visiting Yoon Jae’s mother. That time Yoon Jae’s mother was on the phone with Yoon Jae’s father. She head her saying emotionally, “But Kang Gyeong Joon is not my son. I don’t have anything to do with him. My son is Seo Yoon Jae.”

In the theather, knowing it was Ma Ri who showed up, Gyeong Joon said he’s not gonna watch the show. Ma Ri kind of knew that Gyeong Joon really liked Da Ran for real. Leaving Ma Ri, Gyeong Joon went to the theater where Da Ran was still thinking if she should watch the movie or not. Da Ran was surprise seeing Gyeong Joon was there. “I’m coming here, do you like it or not?” tease Gyeong Joon. Da Ran didn’t hide her happy feelings that he showed up. But they didn’t go to watch the movie, instead Gyeong Joon had the recorder fixed earlier and gave it to her there. They checked on the sound quality together. Da Ran seemed to be touched. She stared at Gyeong Joon in an obviously admiring kind of way. Gyeong Joon asked why she’s looking at him like that.
“Gyeong Joon, i feel weird. Having you here, why am I feeling this happy?

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As the student obviously falls for his teacher while he’s still keeping his distance, the teacher also had fallen for her student. Da Ran seemed to be comfortable having Gyeong Joon’s warm character in the body of the man she loves. Meanwhile about the  mystery of Gyeong Joon-Yoon Jae’s real relation is still unclear for me. They obviously have different mother, probably have the same father, but still don’t get their relation with the Miracle story book, and Yoon Jae’s mother emotion.

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