BIG Episode 14 Quick Summary

Big Episode 14 is sad, I’m telling you. It’s started with a clock, showing 10.10. Da Ran approached Gyeong Joon on a bright alley, but she confused if it’s Gyeong Joon or Yoon Jae. Then both visited Gyeong Joon’s body in the hospital. Da Ran was in a difficult situation. She’s having a bad dream.

Gyeong Joon was sick, but he said it’s Seo Yoon Jae who’s sick. He refused Da Ran’s care. He refused to eat meal Da Ran cooked for him. He’s being cold to everyone, of course also to Ma Ri who came to visit him. “You lied (about Gil Da Ran) because you have no other idea to get me, right?” asked Gyeong Joon.  Ma Ri defended herself.

Da Ran was meeting her mother in-law. She refused the idea of setting aside Gyeong Joon’s rights to be prioritized as well. He’s also their son. Mrs.Seo insisted that Yoon Jae’s life would be the first priority. “No, Gyeong Joon will be the first,” said Da Ran. “If you promised me this I will persuade Yoon Jae to undergo the surgery.” Yoon Jae’s mom agreed. Da Ran had another condition, “Please firstly tell Gyeong Joon your gratitude and apology for this.” Mrs.Seo agreed.

Da Ran scold Gyeong Joon for being childish. Gyeong Joon said he’s a child. Then Da Ran told him to come with her meeting the parents.  Mrs. and Mr.Seo were expecting Gyeong Joon and Da Ran to come to the appointed restaurant. But Gyeong Joon decided to just go to the next restaurant. Gyeong Joon wanted to order something that Seo Yoon Jae like, da Ran told him to stop being childish. She asked him to be good. “They’re your family,” she said. “What family? I don’t care.”

The parents asked if Yoon Jae felt better. Gyeong Joon said his body doesn’t feel good whatever his feelings. Mrs.Seo asked if he’s still feel bad for Gyeong Joon. Of course he was. During the meal, Da Ran tried to break the ice. Da Ran caught Gyeong Joon and his mother shared something in common: both didn’t eat beans. Da Ran tried to bring up Gyeong Joon’s good side. But knowing that his parents still put Yoon Jae first no matter what, Gyeong Joon became upset  again and left.

Gyeong Joon visited his uncle to talk about Gyeong Joon’s update. He also told them that this person was Gyeong Joon’s brother. He thought his mother agreed to be a surrogate mother for money, but his uncle said his mother (Kang Hee Soo) agreed to be a surrogate mother because she loved Yoon Jae’s father, not for money.

This information just worsen everything for Gyeong Joon. He was furious burst into his parents’ room. “Did you love Hee Soo?” he accused his father. Mr.Seo admitted that the reason Kang Hee Soo was chosen as his surrogate mother because she loved him. “I’m the one who asked him to do it”, said Mrs.Seo tried to calm down Gyeong Joon. Gyeong Joon thought his parents were really cruel people.

Broken heart and desperate, Gyeong Joon was drinking in a bar. Da Ran tried to get him home, but Gyeong Joon kept on drinking so many glasses. She asked him to stop acting like a kid. “I’m grateful to be in Yoon Jae’s body,” he said. Da Ran told him not to torture himself and Yoon Jae and she trusted him that he could do things right. “Because you have a kind heart,” said DA Ran. “You believe me that much? Because i like you, you trust me that much?” Da Ran said, “Yes, I believe in you.”

Gyeong Joon cried in front of the mirror and forgot the watch in the toilet. Ma Ri, who came late after Da Ran and Gyeong Joon already left for home, took the watch from the bar man there.

At home, gyeong Joon was still upset. He threw away the Miracle book. Da Ran was thinking about both men’s lives and fate, as it’s written in that book.

Mrs.Seo told Se Yeong that Da Ran also on Gyeong Joon’s side. Se Yeong said it’s weird. She said Da Ran was supposed to be on Yoon Jae’s side, making him the first priority.

Gyeong Joon made up his mind and become softer to Da Ran. He was back to be the obedient Gyeong Joon. He even agreed when Da Ran told him to go to the hospital. Later on both of them realized that Gyeong Joon lost his watch, but pretended didn’t mind about it. Da Ran just asked him casually, but later at school Da Ran was upset and even cried. Ma Ri  saw Da Ran cried. She told herself that she didn’t want to give back the watch to Gyeong Joon.

Gyeong joon finally decided to undergo the surgery and told his parents about it. But he said he’s gonna do it alone, without anyone, not even Da Ran. The process would be done in Germany. Da Ran told her family about Gyeong Joon was leaving for Germany for medical treatment and she wouldn’t go with him.

Back home, Da Ran gave Gyeong Joon his ticket and told him to surely come back. DA Ran asked if he lost the watch in the bar, Gyeong Joon wasn’t sure himself. But he stayed cool. He looked for the watch to the bar and found out it’s with Ma Ri. He asked Ma Ri to give back his watch, but Ma Ri refused.

Gyeong Joon cleaned up his room and also was throwing away his book. He refused Da Ran’s help. Before leaving, he visited his body and threw away the angels picture. He hugged his parents coldly and sent Da Ran away coldly too. Da Ran gave him the Miracle book.
Da Ran said she wanted him to be happy once he’s back. But Gyeong Joon said harsh thing to her. “What you’re expecting is Yoon Jae’s happiness, right? So just wait, i’ll get him back.”

Yoon Jae’s mother told Da Ran that she tried to forget Gyeong Joon because his father loved that woman and that’s why she also couldn’t see Gyeong Joon since he’s born. But deep down, she loved Gyeong Joon too.

In the airport, Ma Ri insisted on going with Yoon Jae. “Then you go, I don’t. I would live with Yoon Jae’s body,” said Gyeong Joon coldly. Mari immediately called Da Ran that Gyeong Joon was running away. Da Ran went to the airport quickly and she’s on time. Gyeon Joon was checking in. “Gyeong Joon-a!” cried Da Ran. “I will tell you the truth, would you listen? Your parents really love you. Don’t go. I love you.” Da Ran cried, as well as Gyeong Joon. Ma Ri watched the two of them cried.

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon were discusing the meaning of the angels. The drawing was drawn by Ms.Kang. Gyeong Joon asked his father and Prof.Park about the angels drawing. Prof. Park told him that his mother was so happy when the drawing finished. She hoped Yoon Jae and Gyeong Joon to be happy as brothers when they finally meet. She hoped Gyeong Joon to have a nice family: parents and a brother.

Gyeong Joon cntemplated the book and the drawing again. He figured out what he should do. He flash back and imagined how Da Ran had made him happy. He was crying for all this imaginations.

Then he cooked for Da Ran and asked her to go the hospital with him tomorrow. “To keep promise, I would hold your hand,” said DA Ran. “No, you should be there to  be by Seo Yoon Jae’s side. This body’s side.” He asked Da Ran to move on with her life if he come back without rememberring anything. They both cried again on the dining area that night. Da Ran in front of the fridge and Gyeong Joon was eating Gil Da Ran Bread.

The process of medical treatment to Gyeong Joon’s body started. Gyeong Joon dismissed Se Yeong and the nurse. When the blood flew, Gyeong Joon held his hand and passed out. Ma Ri found Gyeong Joon’s body was still unconscious.

Da Ran found Yoon Jae’s body was sleeping on his bed in the office. She touched his face and he woke up. “Gyeong Joon?” asked Da Ran. Yoon Jae’s body was just looking around, still weak. “You’re Gyeong Joon, right? asked Da Ran.


Aahh this is sad. The truth was too harsh for Gyeong Joon. I think the best thing would be Gyeong Joon finally back to his body without remembering anything, that way he needed not to be suffer and the family could start a fresh. But it left Da Ran has to deal with her feelings. Oh, this is difficult.

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    This is crazy!

  2. Just watched it! Great summary by the way.
    I have a gut feeling that, KKJ is keep waking up in YJ’s body b/c he keeps waking up to Da Ran.
    She is always at YJ’s body when something happens!
    If she was at KKJ’s body when something happens, surely they would go back to their original bodies~
    She has to go to her true love!!! KKJ!
    Suspense, suspense, suspense >.<

  3. O i love yr site and always eagerly following yr summeries
    How can i wait till next week

  4. thank you soo much for ur summaries. they really do help! and omg…please end up with kkj. i cant waiit till next week!

  5. they said that KKJ and YJ are twins, right? I don’t get any clue or something sense of it. Hong sister, is it possible to both KKJ and YJ to grow in a separate age

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