BIG Episode 6 Quick Summary

The man standing next to Da Ran was still Gyeong Joon, our rational said that. But he’s acting very serious that it tricked Da Ran, and maybe some of us too. “Gil Da Ran-ssi, it’s been a long time,” he said coldly to Da Ran. Da Ran still insisted that he’s Gyeong Joon. “But  why are you here?” Gyeong Joon said,”It’s my friend’s wedding.” Gyeong Joon succeeded to make Da Ran confused, until when he got off the elevator he said his trademark, “Oh Oww.”

Da Ran approached Gyeong Joon in the reception hall to make sure he’s Gyeong Joon. Da Ran became so touchy that she didn’t realize that other guests were talking about them. For others they’re absolutely ex-es. Da Ran tried to cover her face and told Gyeong Joon that they should leave the room on (counting) three. But Gyeong Joon hit the “three” first, so he got up and left the table, leaving Da Ran alone. Da Ran’s friends approached Da Ran because they’re worry and feeling sorry for her. But Gyeong Joon was back. He took Da Ran’s hand and grabbed her out of the reception room.

Yoon Jae’s mother was meeting Se Yeong. So we know her preference. Se Yeong felt she’s almost there.

Da Ran was trying to avoid people’s stare, but Gyeong Joon made them to be seen. Gyeong Joon asked Da Ran to continue on their marriage plan, but Da Ran refused. For him Da Ran was his only hope, the only person who knew his real situation, but Da Ran still see it as a weird idea. He drove her to the nearest street to her house. Da Ran got off and walked the sidewalk, Gyeong Joon leaned to his steering wheel and watched her leave. “I miss you,” he said with his tender look.
Gyeong Joon studied medical very hard, but still he couldn’t see blood.

He visited his body and met Ma Ri there. Ma Ri inerviewd him to get more information from Gyeong Joon about the girls in his past.
Gyeong Joon asked if she liked him so much. Ma Ri said she did and would do well to make Gyeong Joon loved her only. “You represent Gyeong Joon very well. Are you his father?” she guessed. “Our age gap is 12 years, how could that be possible?”

Gyeong Joon suddenly came to the school. He’s not there to visit Da Ran, but to meet the senior teacher to ask about Gyeong Joon’s education. He also gave a hint about him meeting Da Ran again.

Gyeong Joon met his mother telling that he’s gonna stay in seoul again. His mother suggested him to meet Se Yeong often. And that woman was on her way to Yoon Jae’s place bringing his old stuffs. Meanwhile, Da Ran was already at that house because Gyeong Joon asked her to pack up things. When Se Yeong got there, she met Da Ran. “Are you two meeting each other again?” asked Se Yeong. “Do you really want to marry Yoon Jae?” asked Da Ran. “Why should I tell you? You have no more relationship with him.” Se Yeong intended to stay, but Da Ran saw Se Yeong’s sexy appearance and decided to kick Se Yeong out saying that everything in that house belong to her anyway, so she still had the rights to do that. When Se Yeong met Gyeong Joon outside, Gyeong’s response was cold as always.

Gyeong Joon visited Gil’s restaurant. But he hesitated to officially show his face to the parents, especially because Mr.and Mrs. Gil were holding knives and dough roler in the kitchen (afraid of the worst that could happen). Thankfully Ma Ri suddenly came and she rescued him and they ate outside. Ma Ri’s suddenly sprinkled by a water and she got the delusion that the man she’s seeing was Gyeong Joon. But Ma Ri thought she’s just day dreaming.

Gyeong Joon’s mother called Da Ran to sell the house since they had ended their relationship. But Da Ran knew how important that house was for Gyeong Joon. In the hospital, Se Yeong found out that her patient, Gyeong Joon, was connected to Yoon Jae. She started to find out more about it and finally got to know that the boy was caught in the same accident as Gyeong Joon.
Gyeong Joon went back to the restaurant, but found Teacher Na was meeting Da Ran’s parents. Gyeong Joon saw Da Ran was coming and managed to bring her away. They went to a cafe.

While waiting for their order, Da Ran watched Gyeong Joon from a far and stunned by him like seeing him in the first time. The  girls in the coffee shop were talking about him and there’s a girl tried to flirt with him, but Gyeong Joon called Da Ran to come quickly. As soon as Da Ran came, the girl stepped back. “So you’re with a girl friend…” Da Ran respond was, “Well…hmm…” Gyeong Joon protested her to have answered it clearly.

Gyeong Joon asked if Da Ran had really thought about his request to be by his side to help him. For Gyeong joon, he had no other person to rely on, but her.

While Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were speaking, Ma Ri was breaking into Gyeong Joon’s house by breaking the glass window. She got the information from Gyeong Joon’s uncle that Yoon Jae was the new owner of Gyeong Joon’s mother’s house. Ma Ri got more and more suspicious about Gyeong Joon, that’s why this dare decil girl climbed up Gyeong joon’s house fence and tried the crazy way to break in.

Back to the conversation in the coffee shop, Da Ran said she wanted to help him, but she didn’t want to see Yoon Jae’s face anymore. Da Ran’s rejection made Gyeong Joon upset. He just went back home.

Ma Ri confronted Gyeong Joon. “Ajeossi, you’re a doctor. I’m bleeding,” she showed him her bleeding arm. Gyeong Joon spontaneously turned his face away. “Ajeossi is also afraid of blood? You’re not really a doctor, aren’t you? Are you…Gyeong Joon?” Gyeong Joon was already cornered and thanks to Da Ran who came calling his name “Gyeong Joon-ah…”, Ma Ri kind of got the confirmation that the man was really Gyeong Joon. She embraced him and hugged him tight.

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Thankfully the story isn’t leading into a weird idea. Gyeong Joon stays Gyeong Joon, but as a year had passed, he became a little more mature. But one thing I thought the conflict was a bit forced to be more complicated. It’s Se Yeong’s too much curiosity that seemed to lead her in making conclusion about the exchanged soul between Gyeong Joon and Yoon Jae. I mean, it’s really make sense for the crazy Ma Ri, but for Se Yeong…hmmm

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  1. Woa.. you are really really fast. thank you for the summary, my heart is bleeding when i read ep 5, but thanks god my excitement goes up again after read ep 6. is there any preview for ep 7?

  2. you are fast. I will just try to download to understand the situation fully. Aja team Big.

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