“Blind” the Thriller Movie for Kim Ha Neul-Yoo Seung Ho

As I know this is the first thriller movie for Kim Ha Neul. Before this she used to played on romantic or comedy movie. On “Blind” she plays as a blind woman, Soo Ah, who witnessed a murder, and become the next target to kill, together with another witness, Kwon Gi Sub (played by Yoo Seung Ho). She’s trying to escape form the killer. This movie is full of tense.

And frankly, i was so stupid that first time i saw this poster (without read the title, not even his name), i thought this was the poster from “Road No.1” (2010), the drama played by Kim Ha Neul and So Ji Sub. Because when I look at Yoo Seung Ho’s eyes, as i remembered that gaze belongs to So Ji Sub. oh Seung Ho-ssi, your getting hot day by day, as hot as your hyung, So Ji Sub :mrgreen: …oops..sorry i’m too far from the topic, maybe my head got another injury again lately.

So, back to “Blind”, this movie will be officially released on August 11. “Blind” has many heavy competitors, like “Sector 7” (Ha Ji Won and Oh Ji Ho) and “Quick”(Lee Min Gi). Bringing something new on the big screen, especially for Kim Ha Neul’s fans, i hope “Blind” will be able to get success.

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