Kim Ha Neul-Yoo Seung Ho For “Blind”

Last year Kim Ha Neul appeared on small screen with “Road No.1”, a war drama where she played with Seo Ji Sub. Nowadays, she’s just done filming for 3 months for her new movie “Blind”.

On “Blind” Kim Ha Neul plays alongside with Yoo Seung Ho. “Blind” is a thiller movie which is going to be pretty tense. They both are witnesses for a murderer. Kim Ha Neul plays as a blind woman and Yoo Seung Ho as an ordinary teenager. Together they try to reveal the murder case for the sake of their lives.

During the filming, Kim Ha Neul seemed to be so friendly with Yoo Seung Ho. Even on the last day of the filming, she gave a gift to Yoo Seung Ho,  an electric bicycle. Of course he didn’t refused noona‘s kindness. He immediately enjoyed the present. So sweet isn’t it?

“Blind” will officially be released on this summer.

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