“Brain” Casts Hidden Smiles

I’ve been actually following drama “Brain” since it was first aired and Shin Ha Kyun’s character, Lee Kang Hoon, took my attention right away. As I often say that I love stories with antagonist as the leading character, and this drama is certainly one of them. It’s also one of the rare dramas that do not have chaebol thingy. The only reason I don’t write summary for this one is because it has so many surgery scenes with details on human brains…well, there’s a reason why I refused to go to med school :p . I just can’t stand it if I have to make the stills for it.

As we know, this is a very serious drama, with Lee Kang Hoon’s ambition as the main conflict in the story. We hardly see comical character (except for the clumsy Bong Koo, played by Kwon Se In) or burst of laughter. The light and cheerful character we can only find in Ji Hye (Choi Jeong Won) and doctor Kim Sang Cheol (Jeong Jin Yeong), my second most favorite character.

Dr. Kang Hoon once laughed (which surprised me alot!), but it wasn’t the kind of laugh that came from his heart. He also smiles sometimes, but neither the laughs or smiles ever reach his eyes…if you get what i mean.
So it’s very refreshing to see the stills from behind the camera where all the casts look cheerful and actually very friendly towards each other. Even the rivalry between Kang Hoon and Joon Seok doesn’t mean they are rival for real. In fact they’ve become best friends. Thanks for KBS to release them.

Joon Seok (Jo Dong Hyeok), Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun) and Bong Koo (Kwon Se In) are actually best friends on the filming set. And look at Shin Ha Kyun nice smiles! He’s totally different from his stern-looked Kang Hoon.

The conflict is getting hotter for this drama. Kang Hoon’s character is getting more complicated. If you haven’t had any chance to watch this drama, it’s worth watching, especially if you like Hollywood’s serials like “ER” or “House”.

[by Rizz]

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2 Responses to “Brain” Casts Hidden Smiles

  1. I totally agree with u. Shin Ha Kyun’s acting is so brilliant and amazing. He portraits Dr Lee Kang Hoon so well. We rarely see his “truth” smile in this drama except in ep 12 when he thinks about Ji Hye (after seeing he brain’s image). Other are just “arrogant” smile.
    And of course these actors are very friendly in real life as I watch their making movie video on youtube and Behind the Scene pictures.

  2. the greatest KDrama i have ever seen! freaking awesome, great casts and characters, all of them. It is way better than Grey’s Anatomy! keep up the good works.

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