A Happy Ending, Brain Episode 20 (Final)

After all of the hard times he had, Lee Kang Hoon deserves a happy ending, both in his career and love life. I like the way this drama presents a mature and un-cheesy story telling, but still put a little touch of drama typical endings for each main characters.

If you hope to see the continuation of the passionate kiss happened that night between Kang Hoon and Ji Hye as the opening of episode 20, you’ll be very disappointed. They’re giving us nothing further. So you can make up your own story about what happened to both at the rest of the night :D . Episode 20 started with  Kang Hoon’s successful high-risk surgery on his own (one of the best in Korea) professor, Kim Sang Cheol, became a talk on public and they’re having a TV program interview.

But then he finally found out that the surgery didn’t go that well. He couldn’t save Kim Sang Cheol’s sight, which was gradually degrading and facing blindness soon. It’s a very hard slap for Lee Kang Hoon. Alongside was his long history with Kim Sang Cheol related to his father’s death. On one side, he still held a grudge to Kim Sang Cheol for the malpractice he had done that caused Kang Hoon’s father’s death. On the other side, deep down Lee Kang Hoon realized that he’s just put on the blame to Kim Sang Cheol while he actually hated his father so much for being an alcoholic who always beat his mother. Lee Kang Hoon let out all his emotions and let himself showed some weakness in front of the girl he loved. Yoon Ji Hye was there as the biggest comfort for him.

Lee Kang Hoon insisted on running another surgery on Kim Sang Cheol, but when the time came, the professor decided to leave secretly. He just left a note for some clues on the study Lee Kang Hoon had been undergone. Kim Sang Cheol did that for both himself and Kang Hoon’s. He could start to live his life in a more peaceful world and Kang Hoon wouldn’t push himself too much to run another surgery and he could go on with his career.

After the sad moments and Kim Sang Cheol’s issue, as time went by, the hospital had a happy moment with the wedding of Yeo Bong Gu and Kang Hoon’s little sister, Ha Yeong. Hospital director, Dr. Hwang was as the pastor of the wedding ceremony, while Bom Joon had to face the truth that Bong Gu was the one Ha Yeong loved.

And another happy couple: Head Nurse Hong Eun Sook  and Dr. Jeo Dae Shik, finally being honest about each other’s feelings. The iceberg Head Nurse Hong finally accepted Dae Shik’s love. That man caught the bouquet flower Ha Yeong threw to all bachelors guests. He gave it to Head Nurse Hong…in her cool way. :)

But the happiness didn’t last long for Lee Kang Hoon. After scolding Ji Hye for taking over his patient and undergo an emergency surgery without his permission because it was Kang Hoon’s sister’s wedding, Lee Kang Hoon was actually asking her to participate in a conference alongside him, but ended up finding out that Ji Hye was going to quit from Chuna Hospital. Ji Hye was going back to her hometown and be a doctor in the best hospital there.

Kang Hoon came to Ji Hye to give her back her brain scanned image. He said it wouldn’t mean anything if she’s not around. Lee Kang Hoon was moving to another hospital, too and he asked her to go along with him. But Ji Hye’s decision was firm. She was kind of let both of them have a break time to really think, especially for Kang Hoon, if his feelings towards her was sincere and if they’re really meant to be together. Ji Hye gave back her brain scanned image and asked Kang Hoon to wait for her.

But Kang Hoon gave her back the image and said, “No, I don’t want to wait.” And his next line was –for me–actually a soft proposal but too Lee Kang Hoon’s style. He looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Just stay beside me.” He’s begging!!! But unfortunately, Ji Hye didn’t say anything, and Lee Kang Hoon left the room.

He thought Ji Hye would change her mind and finally ran for him. But he was wrong. Kang Hoon waited for Ji Hye to come to him on the corridor but she never came out. Meanwhile Ji Hye expecting Kang Hoon to go back to the room, but she never showed up. She ended crying while eating ramyeon.

Ji Hye was ready to leave, the same day Lee Kang Hoon was having an inauguration ceremony of his achievement getting the highest medical award in the country. Kang Hoon was actually going to call Ji Hye, but Go Jae Hak was too excited that he wouldn’t let Kang Hoon away for a while.

Ji Hye said good bye to Seo Joon Seok and then went to Lee Kang Hoon’s office. She left the brain scanned image on the table. The narration was: “Sonsaengnim, please listen to my heart. If you think you can’t live without me, please  look for me for even once. In this way, I will accept you forever.”

Ji Hye was leaving. What she didn’t expect was that the brain scanned image in an unbelievable way was blown by the wind –because the office window was opened by Kang Hoon earlier– and arrived right in front of her on the bus shelter where she’s waiting for the next bus to take her leave. She picked up the image and was surprise. It’s a kind of a clear sign that she shouldn’t go. She and Lee Kang Hoon were meant to be together.

Meanwhile, Lee Kang Hoon was on his way to the ceremony where he’s disillusioning that Kim Sang Cheol was there. the imaginary Kim Sang Cheol asked if Kang Hoon was content of his life. Kang Hoon smugly said yes. But then Kim Sang Cheol asked again if he was really happy for his achievement in career but ended up alone. Kang Hoon kept convincing himself that he was happy with everything.

Getting on to the stage, he hesitated for awhile and recalled the question from the imaginary Kim Sang Cheol if he was really happy then. Lee Kang Hoon paused there. He kind of knew that he wasn’t that happy. He’s losing Ji Hye. But in that very critical time, Ji Hye showed up.

Seeing Ji Hye came back and was really standing right in front of him, he realized that he was a really happy man. He was standing there  as an acknowledged neurosurgeon in the country who received the highest award in medical and the love of his life was not going anywhere and chose to stay beside him. Lee Kang Hoon finally smile and stepped forward to the microphone.

“Everyone, thank you for coming. I’m the surgeon, Lee Kang Hoon.”

Oh I was a bit sad this drama has finally come to an end. I think Korean drama needs more brilliant and brave story line like this one. It’s actually a serious drama with serious characters, but it’s very entertaining instead of tiring. Even though I had to close my eyes every time they go into details on surgery scenes, but in general I think it’s one of the best Korean dramas of the year 2011. I’m surely gonna miss these cool doctors…

I’ve still got Ojakgyo Brothers and kind of interested in watching the History of the Salary Man. But I think I have to give a try to Dream High 2 first. Kang So Ra’s character looks interesting.


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  1. I hope it wasn’t ending. This really is the best drama I have EVER seen on KBS. Incredible characters and feelings. Best Show Period.

  2. Fortunately, Korean dramas don;lt do sequels. thank heavens. good dramas donl;t need continuations. good recaps.

  3. The best drama I’ve ever watch! AWESOME! Thanks for the exellent synopsis

  4. i like this series soooo much!!!Lee Ghan Hun’s character is awesome!!!i love everyone..although im an Indian,i love watching this series!!! love u all..hope to meet u all!!!!

  5. nice and very educational esp. to those who are in field of medicine. you can learned from it. s very good actor and a beautiful ji hye.i ll surely missm

  6. Its da best drama i had ever watch,,my dream to be a doctor cme alive again,,n0 w0ds to define hw i misd da shw:-)

  7. this serial is one of best serial that I see,,,
    I love u dr lee,,,♥

  8. this is the best film i ever seen.i study hard and try to be doctor to save the people who need the help.this jub is the biggest love of my life.i think doctor lee,s charactor is lovely.

  9. This the best film I’ve ever watched I really love Dr.lee & Dr.Ji hay they are so cute & smart
    and Goodness that the ending of this film was Great!In most of episodes I cried a lot but now I’m happy beacause now I’m sure that Lee gang & youn ji will get married

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  11. shin ha kyun i love you( lee gang hun i love you)

  12. this the best film in word and shin ha kyun is best actor in word , i very very love doctor lee gang hun .shin ha kyun is very good man .
    i love you dr.lee gang hun and doctor yun je

  13. Hi acutully Dr Lee gun live Dr gun je ?

  14. What a lovely drama..i admit that I’am one of Shin Ha Kyun big fans!not only brain..but most of his drama and film was awesome..he’s trully talented actor and have a charismatic face..charming and handsome..waiting for another drama project of Shin Ha Kyun oppa..

  15. shin ha kyun is very vary big man.shin ha kyun is dandyism and goodlooking and kind man.shin ha kyun is my hero. shin ha kyun is beloved actor .shin ha kyun is man by a big heart.

  16. I’m a retired nurse so I could relate to this movie. It was very well executed and the acting was superb. Watched this movie two times and enjoyed it immensely each time. The only problem I have is not being able to put it aside.i’m addicted to korean movies.keep up the good work. Love angela from Staten Island ny

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