The Winners List from 2011 KBS Drama Awards

Oops so sorry I just realized that Rizz only made brief articles about 2011 KBS Drama Awards. She didn’t cover the other winners. So let me make this article longer to show the other winners.

The event was held at night on December 31st. Many actors and actresses came to that big event. That night Jeon Hyeon Moo, Han Hye Jin, and Joo Won got the duty as the MCs. They did their job very well, especially for Joo Won, even though it’s new for him. He could handle the event, and actually the seonbae-deul always helped him.

As we know before that KBS’s on going drama “Brain” got highly attention from the public recently due to the story and of course the actors, so i think it’s really proper if Shin Han Kyun who plays as Doctor   Lee Kang Hoon on that drama got the highest prize, the Daesang Award, Rizz already made article about these before.

Actually, Park Shi Hoo also was predicted to get the Daesang Award for his acting on “Princess’s Man”. But he had give up to Shin Han Kyun. He wasn’t too sad that night because he’s honored Top Excellence Actor Award alongside his co-worker on Princess’s Man, Moon Chae Won who got Top Excellence Actress.

On his speech, Park Shi Hoo talked about his career during 2011. He felt really fortunate, and got the award made him closer to his goals, and he promise in 2012 he would continue to become a better actor. He thanked his family, his company and of course his fans. Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won was really grateful about “Princess’s Man” at first this drama had so many trouble during the production, but it turned out that the drama was really success. Then what made her happier was the fact the she could get that award, she was glad that her hard work was paid off.

And here are the winners list:

Daesang Award: Shin Ha Kyun (Brain)

Top Excellence Actor : Park Shi Hoo (The Princess’s Man)

Top Excellence Actress : Moon Chae Won (The Princess’s Man)

Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Jung Jin Yeong (Brain), Choi Daniel (Baby Faced Beauty)

Excellence Actress (Miniseries): Jang Nara (Baby Faced Beauty)

Excellence Actor (Novella): Cheon Jeong Myeong (Man of Honor)

Excellence Actress (Novella): Hong Soo Hyun (Princess’s Man), Park Min Yeong (Man of Honor)

Excellence Actor (Serial Drama): Lee Tae Gon (King Gwanggaeto the Great)

Excellence Actress (Serial Drama): Kim Ja Ok (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Supporting Actor: Jung Woong In (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Supporting Actress: Park Jung Ah (Smile Donghae), Lee Yoon Ji (Dream High)

Best Rookie Actor: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High), Lee Jang Woo (Man of Honor), Joo Won (Ojakgyo Brothers)

Best Rookie Actress : Bae Suzy (Dream High), Uee (Ojakgyo Brother)

Best Couples: Park Shi Hoo-Moon Chae Won (Princess’s Man), Shin Ha Kyun-Choi Jung Won (Brain), Kim Soo Hyun-Bae Suzy Dream High), Ryu Soo Yeong-Choi Jung Won (Ojakgyo Brothers), Lee Min Woo-Hong Soo Hyun (Princess’s Man)

Popularity Award: Han Hye Jin (Thorn Birds), Park Shi Hoo (Princes’s Man, Moon Chae Won (Princess’s Man), Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

Netizen’s Choice Award: Shin Ha Kyun (Brain) and Choi Jung Won (Brain)

Congratulation for the winners. We are really thankful for your hard work on dramas…keep fighting for everyone!!!

[by Blossom]

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  1. the drama series PRINCESS MAN was so amazing I love all of them great drama,I wish that their is a part two I really love the love team of SE RYUNG and GEUM SEUNG YOO…OMG I REALLY LOVE BOTH OF THEM I WISH THEY ARE LOVERS FOR LIFE..


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