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Today Soundtrack: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – “Fox Rain”

I already caught by this beautiful song since the very first episode of  “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (MGIG)”. First time I heard the refrain, it gives me a goosebump and till now it  always makes me excited (yeah, eventhough it’s just a hundread of repeating dubirubidurabpwa  ) . I think this will become my fave […]

Today Soundtrack: KyuHyun’s OST Baker King, Kim Tak Gu

I’ve been watching Kim Tak Gu lately and there’s this soundtrack really caught my attention. It’s a good music and has beautiful lyric, so I think it’ll be fun to share it with you all [video source ; image source]


OST Secret Agent Miss Oh: U-Kiss

U-Kiss: I Can Do It (나는 할수 있어) Aha, this’s the song I’ve been looking for!   It’s my favourite Secret Agent Miss Oh’s original soundtrack. Like the drama like the OST, they both never fail to bring laughter to me. It’s a funny song with a funny music video where there’re a bunch of […]


Today Soundtrack: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – “Losing My Mind” by Lee Seung Gi

I’d been expecting this drama to be on air, but unfortunately i haven’t had any chance to watch the whole drama yet. It’s started airing on SBS last August 11-12 and the responses were good. I hope I can write the summary, but just let’s see… Anyway, the first impression of the soundtrack sang by […]

OST Cinderella’s Sister: 너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You)

Yesung – 너 아니면 안돼 (It Has to Be You) 오늘도 내 기 억을 따라헤매다 O-neul-do nae gi-eok-eul dda-ra-he-mae-da 이 길 끝 에서 서성이는 나 I gil ggeut-e-seo seo-seong-i-neun na 다신 볼 수 도 없는 니 가 나를 붙 잡아 Da-shin bol su-do eobs-neun ni-ga na-reul but-jab-a 나는 또 이 길을 묻는다 Na-neun ddo i […]

OST Cinderella’s Sister

Super Junior Yesung – It Has To Be You (Cinderella’s Sister OST) Luna & Krystal – Calling Out (Cinderella’s Sister OST)