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Most Memorable of 2010 Drama

For all the feast, the cheers, the fireworks, and the cold nights…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! 2010 had been a memorable year for me because I started this blog . Dramas and movies have been giving a big influence in my life because basically I love stories and writing is more than just a hobby for […]


OST Secret Agent Miss Oh: U-Kiss

U-Kiss: I Can Do It (나는 할수 있어) Aha, this’s the song I’ve been looking for!   It’s my favourite Secret Agent Miss Oh’s original soundtrack. Like the drama like the OST, they both never fail to bring laughter to me. It’s a funny song with a funny music video where there’re a bunch of […]


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 16 Summary (Final)

It’s final episode everyone! The ending of the previous episode really gave us all a thrill. Han Do Hoon had actually known Ha Na’s real name…and not only her real name he knew, it’s almost everything. So, he knew she’s a secret agent, but yet he chose to let it be. He knew the truth […]


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 15 Summary

This whole week everyone has been wondering about what will happen to Ha Na in the next episode, right? Well…two more episodes to go. So let’s just start. This Joo Soo Young man surprisingly showed up out of nowhere and that put Ha Na’s life at a risk. But Oh Ha Na always succeeded to […]


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 14 Summary

Be ready to embrace Han Do Hoon all ladies… This episode is gonna be pretty hard for him. Meanwhile, Ha Na’s getting more confused about her own situation and was about to give up….heck yeah, it’s tiring. Well, let’s just have a look. Do Hoon was awake and thankfully Ha Na saw it from the […]


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 13 Summary

Han Do Hoon was having a lot of troubles with food in this episode. Many LOL scenes about that. But aside from the “food issue”, Do Hoon is getting more sincere to Ha Na that it amusingly touched even my heart . On the other hand, Jin Hyeok-Ha Na relationship was definitely rocking, while the […]

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Lee Soo Kyeong is Joining “Daemul”

Recently completed project, “Secret Agent  Miss Oh “ (2010), Lee Soo Kyeong is likely to joined “Daemul”, the drama which is planned to release on late this year. Lee Soo Kyeong will be acting with Go Hyun Jung and Kwon Sang Woo. This time she will appear very different from the usual role she played, […]


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 12 Summary

Oh my God! This episode was awesome! You’ll probably give a cheerful applause to Han Do Hoon at the end of this episode. Dying to find out what i’m talking about? Well, I won’t waste anymore time here. Let’s get to the story.   Han Do Hoon was getting information about the beautiful woman he met […]

Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 11 Summary


Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 11 Summary

I’m not really sure of what I should say about this episode in general. The “Park Sun Min” issue was pretty annoying I guess, but that fragment of story helped viewers understood more about Jin Hyeok-Eun Seo’s past. I think i’m getting tired of Jin Hyeok’s way of handling the matter, so I turned my […]

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