Cha Seung Won Will Comeback For Japanese Project

Finally Cha Seung Won will end the hiatus, after a couple times refused the drama offers, now reportedly he already chose the next project, he even decide to expand to oversea. Based on the statement from Cha Seung Won’s international agency that released September 7th, the actor will be act on Japanese theater, “Bring Me My Chariot Of Fire”.

Beside will acts alongside with a bunch of Japanese actors, such as Kusanagi Tsuyosi, Hirosue Ryoko, and Kagawa Teruyuki, on this project Cha Seung Won has a Korean-mate, the veteran actor Kim Eung Soo (he played as Konno Koji on “Bridal Mask”)

Setting in early 1900’s, Cha Seung Won takes the role as the Korean guy, Lee Sun Woo, who makes strong friendship with Japanese Yanakihara Naoki (Kusanagi Tsuyosi). They both have strong passion on Korean culture and arts, this play tells about their concern about Korean traditional culture, until they are risking their lives to fight for that.

This play will start performing on November 3rd in Japan, and scheduled will be perform on Korea on early next year.

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  1. Best wishes for his new project!

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