Cheon Jeong Myeong Got an Injury

It’s a bad news from “The Duo” filming set. Cheon Jeong Myeong’s agency announced on May 17th  that the actor  got a very serious spine injury T_T . He fell from the horse and got himself injured on the neck and the spine. For this reason, he is suppose to get some rest and not to move often, but Jeong Myeong-ssi just very determines to finish the filming. The accident happened on the closing of “The Duo” episode 24 filming on May 16th where he had to ride the horse in high speed.

I really hope he can finish the filming without putting himself in more danger. Hopefully the injury isn’t getting any worse.

Fighting! ;)

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  1. awww.i feel very sorry for cheon jeong myeong.actually, almost all actors got injury while riding a horse, like song il gook and bae jung.Thank God nobody ended up like christopher reeves who had a fatal injury when fallen from a horse.ihope cheon jeong will recovery fast.

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