Which Drama to Follow?

With “Dream High”  wrapped up the airing, I get unsure which drama to follow.

The already airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that’s taking “The President” slot, “The Thorn Birds” (가시나무새) doesn’t seem very attractive to me. The plot line is so drama cliche and complicatedly unrealistic. It also received quite negative critics on its first airing.

The “Crime Squad” or also known as “Detectives in Trouble” (강력반) sounds so so, but at least it’s not a mere drama. Articles has been spotting the fact that this drama is using a high tech digital cinema camera called Alexa. Well, I don’t really get this thing. The story is about crime investigation and a sort of friendship-slash-competition between a shabby-but-cool-and-talented detective whose father was a legendary thief and an elegant-and-by-the-book-style detective. This drama is taking “Dream High” airing slot on KBS.

Meanwhile, SBS is currently airing Jang Hyuk’s new drama, “Midas” (마이더스). Well, this drama is a pure drama with romance and business intrique as the main theme. Hmm…Although it’s JANG HYUK as the leading man, I think it’s gonna be too much for me to handle.

MBC’s “The Duo” (짝패)? I know it has Cheon Jeong Myeong as the leading man, but the twisted fate thing as the premis…man, why couldn’t they seek for a fresh idea? I really want to see Cheon Jeong Myeong in Jeoseonese costume T_T .Maybe later I spare a time to have a sneak peak of this drama.

Actually, there’s one drama I’m quite curious to watch, but haven’t got any chance to really sit and watch it: “Sign” (싸인). As the big fans of Hollywood “Bones”, “Dexter” and sometimes “NCIS”, this drama sounds very interesting. And it’s been quite a while since Park Shin Yang’s last drama. This drama is about forensic doctors who solve some criminal cases…you know, the idea is basically pretty much like Hollywood’s “CSI”, “NCIS”, or “Bones”.

So then again, which drama for me to follow next? I have to figure it out soon… ;)

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4 Responses to Which Drama to Follow?

  1. I heard The Duo got positive review despite its lame premise..

  2. I think Midas & The Thorn Birds & Crime Squad are beautiful. please summary all of them midas #1 & The Thorn Birds #2 &Crime Squad #3.

  3. Hi, I love Sign, and have been made a recap about it in my own language. Now I’m in #3.
    How about MBC Royal Family?

  4. we have the same problem after Dream High ended.

    i think, i’ll go with the sign..
    but keep my eyes on crime squad reviews..

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