Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 2 Quick Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice episode 2 starts when Se Gyeong found out that GN’s president’s wife was Seo Yoon Joo. And Mrs. Shin also acted innocent like she was really surprise finding Se Gyeong working for GN. After a little chat with Yoon Joo, Se Gyeong decided to hand in the resignation letter,but she couldn’t because In Hwa kind of said that she’d seen so many people like Se Gyeong. Those who said they had dreams, but only because one hit from another person, they easily decided to resign. So Se Gyeong refrained.

Se Gyeong was meeting Ah Jung talking about Seo Yoon Joo. Ah Jeong had heard about Yoon Joo’s life 2 years ago. “I heard she lived with a man in France. Was he your boss?” asked Ah Jeong. They both had no idea. But then Se Gyeong was in the middle of helping Yoon Joo arranging her house to prepare for the important meeting with Artemis president when she got a text rom Ah Jeong, “Seo yoon Bal is coool!”
Ah Jeong found out that while living in French, Yoon Joo’s name was Cha Yoon Joo,not Seo Yoon Joo. She was married to another rich guy, the unknown Mr.Cha, and then left that guy to marry a much richer man, her current husband Shin Min Hyeok. Ah Jeong even got Yoon Joo’s wedding picture…but without the groom beside her.

Se Gyeong was not only frustrated for her own problem. Seo In Chan who worked for Artemis, suddenly alleged for causing Artemis products piracy..or sort of. Se Gyeong had been trying to find in Chan but his house left empty as no one ever opened the door for her.

Anyhow, Se Gyeong really considered to keep her job, as Ah Jeong and also Yoon Joo told her. She needed the money anyway. Then Yoon Joo made her running for another shopping again. When she got to Yoon Joo’s house, that great Mrs.Shin intentionally made Se Gyeong put the shopping bags into her wardrobe room which was full of expensive shoes, bags, dresses. But Se Gyeong could bear it.

When she’s about to leave the house, Mr.Shin just stepped out of the elevator and greeted her. He said he had heard that his wife was an old friend of her. And then he also asked about a phrase Se Gyeong said in French during the interview, the interesting phrase. The one that means: My success is my effort. “But you were not there, President?” asked Se Gyeong. He told her he watched through monitor and that’s when his wife told him she knew Se Gyeong.

Se Gyeong found out that Yoon Joo had been playing with her all this time. So when Yoon Joo went out, after sending her husband into the house, Se Gyeong confronted her. “So do you think by doing this, showing off what you have achieved, I’d be impressed and feel belittled? You’re wrong. For me you are still the same as you were back then. Nothing prideful about it. Then Yoon Joo told her that what she achieve today was all the fruit of her effort.

Back to Se Gyeong’s problem finding In Chan, she came to Artemis to talk to someone. Then she met Cha Seung Jo again. So she asked Seung Jo to let In Chan come back to Artemis and explained the misunderstanding. But for Cha Seung Jo there seemed to be no such a thing as misunderstanding. That man’s financial situation was a mess and it’s all clear. But Se Gyeong determined and she said she had a faith on in Chan. Seung Jo kind of said that Se Gyeong would only regret it at the end. He also made fun of Se Gyeong’s loyalty.
“You have no idea how woman think, do you? I guess you never accept love, do you? And you don’t have anyone to receive your love either.”

Seung Jo felt a bit offended, but his mind easily distracted by the preparation to meet Yoon Joo. For that meeting, he had requested a pen recorder. He seemed to have an evil plan about it.Before the meeting when he’s still inside the elevator in Shin’s mansion, Seung Jo whispered “Time to revenge.” And yes, as the elevator door opened, Seung Jo’s evil smile was widen while Yoon Joo was having her jaw dropping moment.

Yoon Joo was really scared of Seung Jo’s comeback. She confirmed it to him when they were alone, “This time, I will keep hard for sure.” Seung Jo said not to worry about that thing. Seung Jo gave a jewelry present from Eclair that he gave to her in front of her husband. It’s the same bangle he was wearing during the dinner. Apparently, it was their couple-bangles that Yoon Joo took off when she left him in France. Seung Jo really really enjoyed the meeting. He even laughed out loud listening to their conversation recording. He’s a wacko.

Se Gyeong came to In Chan’s house. In Chan came home like a zombie. Se Gyeong was hitting him for disappearing from her, but she saw his dirty shoes, so she soothed him instead.
In Chan got the envelope Se Gyeong had put in his home mail box. They’re all In Chan’s own cheering up notes for Se Gyeong.
He said he had done so many effort, but nothing came out of it. Nothing. He had a plan to marry her, have children, buy house, buy car…but no matter what he did,his life turned up a mess.Especially with his mother being sick.
Se Gyeong still believe that if they work a little harder, they will be successful. In Chan felt so sorry that Se Gyeong had fallen in love with him. Then they cried their heart out together.

Back home, Se Gyeong was facing another problem: his father brought her a bad news that they would probably have to sell their house.
Effort was never enough without fortune,that’s the reality that In Chan and her father knew. Se Gyeong might be sad, but she’s a strong woman. She remember the note: My effort is my success. And then she also remembered when Yoon Joo told her that the position she’s at today was the fruit of her own hard work.

The next day, Se Gyeong visited Yoon Joo at home. She told her that she knew she had married someone else in France, and her current husband had no idea anything about it. “I saw the picture,” said Se Gyeong and also showed her the evidence. Yoon Joo was panic and grabbed Se Gyeong’s phone instantly. “You can erase it,” said Se Gyeong casually.
“You, what the heck you actually want?” asked Yoon Joo. “Was it true that it’s all the fruit of your hard work that you can get here now? Did you really do many effort? Really?” asked Se Gyeong. “What is it THAT YOU WANT?” demanded Yoon Joo.
“All the effort you had done that bring you at this position, show them to me. Teach me that effort to get me to the position like you are now.”

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