Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 4 Summary

Seung Jo was surprised that he cried because of that woman that had touched his heart, that woman was Se Gyeong.

Yoon Joo gave Se Gyeong the book that had brought her to the place where she is now. It’s a kind of her own journal that she made per chapter.

Seung Jo wanted to be Se Gyeong’s “Daddy Long Legs” for he started to worry and wanted to take care of her. Dong Wook asked if he liked her, Seung Jo said it’s for his self healing.

Coming back home again, Se Gyeong had to witness her family’s tough moment because of their money problem. Her mother, sister and even father cried.

Yoon Joo started her training to Se Gyeong. Her chapters were written just like the story of Alice in wonderland. What Se Gyeong needed was her Mr.Rabbit that would lead her deep into the Wonderland.  To really start the training, Se Gyeong needed for a re-styling. She needed to find Cheongdamdong’s style. Yoon Joo said the most important thing for Cheongdamdong’s style was not the price of items she’s wearing, but something that would trigger other girls’s curiosity. Se Gyeong’s best idea was for her to get a part time job in that expensive restaurant, Etoille, where she could find her Mr.Rabbit.

Seung Jo got a report from Secretary Moon the update about Seo In Chan’s case. He didn’t want to hear anymore about it, but he started to really worry about Se Gyeong.Before attending a meeting, he sent a text to Se Gyeong: “Are you doing fine? ~~^^”
Se Gyeong’s short answer was: “Yes. I’m fine.” Seung Jo wondered why Se Gyeong’s answer was that short and what was the real meaning of she’s being fine. So he asked again,”How fine?” That time Seung Jo was already in the middle of a meeting. In the same time, Se Gyeong was about to answer him but then a job list came to her,and she forgot about chatting. This made Seung Jo really anxious. He sent more texts one by one. “The President worries about you.” “Why there’s no answer?” “Are you busy?” “Is my text disturbing?” “If my text is a burden for you just say it.” Still no single answer from Se Gyeong, so the anxious Seung Jo ended the meeting and hurriedly left the office. He went to GN to go check on Se Gyeong.

“Han Se Gyeong, why didn’t you see your phone?”
“Is there any problem?”
“We were in the middle of conversation. How could you just suddenly off while we were in the middle of conversation?”
Se Gyeong was confused. Seung Jo even lectured her about people’s manner during conversation.
“Ehh?Don’t you think you are acting a bit weird now, Secretary Kim? I’m sorry for not answering you, but as you see i’m very busy now.” Then Seung Jo was surprised how many items GN had made Se Gyeong shopped in one day.

BAck to his office, Seung Jo checked on GN designers profile that would be involved in their collaboration. He found no Han Se Gyeong, so he asked Secretary Moon to get GN sent Se Gyeong’s profile. Shin In Hwa wondered how Artemis could notice Se Gyeong. She asked Se Gyeong if she knew someone in Artemis, of course Se Gyeong said no.

After Seung Jo reading Se Gyeong’s profile he was furious why GN made Se Gyeong just as the “errand-girl” while she had a good resume. So he instantly called someone.

In Etoille restaurant, Se Gyeong started her part time job as a waitress. There she met Tommy Hong for the first time. Actually she had studied Tommy Hong so well before this, she had prepared because she targeted Tommy Hong as her Mr.Rabbit. So she did very well.
Tommy Hong noticed Se Gyeong’s body language, way of speaking, red braided lace in her pocket, and her black shoes. The shoes also attracted Shin In Hwa’s attention at the office earlier. Then before Tommy Hong left the restaurant, he said to Se Gyeong, in front of other women in the restaurant, “Ah, that kind of sense is good…Han Se Gyeong.”

Tommy Hong held a meeting with Seung Jo. He’s gonna hold a party and top national designers would come to that party. Seung Jo asked Tommy to invite a particular person, Han Se Gyeong, to be invited to the party and introduce to his fellows. When they shook hands, Tommy noticed the braided lace pattern given by Se Gyeong and asked if it’s one of ARtemis new product. Seung Jo with a blooming smile said it’s a personal gift. Then Tommy Hong called Mr.Cha, Seung Jo’s father, to report him that Seung Jo might be involved with a woman.

Mr.Cha was visiting his supermarket when there was a scene right in front of it. Se Gyeong’s father, Mr.Han, was expressing his outraged toward the cheap bread they’ve been selling that caused his bakery lost costumers. Mr.Cha needed a good publication,so he told his secretary to take a picture of him bowing saying sorry to Mr.Han. The next day he invited Mr.Han to come to his office. Though their conversation didn’t really do well, but Mr.Cha had succeeded making Mr.Han worked for his “White project” in his bakery brand.

Tommy Hong came to Etoille again. This time he directly spoke with Se Gyeong. He noticed her lace and asked what brand was it. She said it’s her own hand made. Se Gyeong said he’s Tommy Hong’s fan and he asked why. Se Gyeong said that there’s not many national designers who had achived what he achieved. Tommy Hong thought that Se Gyeong got a back up from Seung Jo while actually in Se Gyeong’s mind, she’s targetting him as her Mr.Rabbit. So He invited Se Gyeong to the party.

With Yoon Joo’s help for fashion consulting, Se Gyeong looked gorgeous in her white dress. She remembered every single lesson Yoon Joo had told her and she really did get a good attention from Tommy Hong. As told by Seung Jo, Tommy Hong introduced Se Gyeong to other national top list designers, who Se Gyeong had studied all. So she performed well in blending herself with them. Then she attracted a middle-age famous person Jang Myeong Ho. Seung Jo came to the party as well and quite freaked out when finding out Tommy had invited Se Gyeong. He tried to flee but Se Gyeong found him first. Seung Jo said he came to accompany The President. Se Gyeong asked him to let her meet the President, but Seung Jo found a way to flee. As soon as Seung Jo left, Mr.Jang approached Se Gyeong. He seemed to like her very much that he even said they should meet often in the future. The innocent Se Gyeong had no idea at all where this would lead until Tommy Hong approached her and gave her a hotel key card. She had been “picked” by Mr.Jang. Tommy Hong said that Se Gyeong succeeded to get the shortcut for her career by sleeping with Mr.JAng. He thought that it’s the same way she got close with Jean Thierry. But he still misunderstood Se Gyeong as an “easy-but-play-difficult” girl, so Se Gyeong splashed a water to his face. Tommy Hong threw a soy sauce to her as his response.

Seung Jo almost left, but he saw Se Gyeong in low head walking away. He came to her and asked what had happened to her since she smelled soy sauce. Se Gyeong asked Seung Jo to tell the President to stop helping her. She told him that the kind of help President gave her was not suitable for a woman like her. Seung Jo had no idea what she was talking about. Then she explained about the “method” she thought the President required her to do. So Seung Jo found out that Se Gyeong was humiliated by Tommy Hong in front of many people with that soy sauce incident.

Se Gyeong had no one to talk to, no more Seo In Chan in her dialed list. But then Yoon Joo called to check about her success. Se Gyeong said now she understood what kind of hard path Yoon Joo had taken to get her to the position she’s now.

After changing his clothes, Tommy Hong was back to the party. He was bowing to apologize to Mr.Jang when suddenly a soy sauce was poured upon him. It’s Seung Jo.

Yoon Joo said that Se Gyeong is now already in wonderland so there’s no other way for her but to find a new Mr.Rabbit. There’s no way of giving up or move backward.

Seung Jo didn’t stop there.He really warned Tommy Hong and even punched him hard on the face.

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  1. do u know what is the title of the song when moon geun young said the reason why she was outside the party?

  2. do u know what is the title of the song when moon geun young said the reason why she was outside the party to park shi hoo?

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