Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 Summary

Last time on Cheongdamdong Alice was Se Gyeong asking Yoon Joo to teach her how to get to where Yoon Jo is now. Yoon Joo asked why Se Gyeong would want to do it. She said it’s for a hope.

Seung Jo was still thinking of his revenge plan to Yoon Joo when his friend, Heo Dong Wook came. Seung Jo shared to him what he was thinking and then Dong Wook asked why didn’t he cry at all. He knew exactly that Seung Jo was in the situation of wanted to cry. Seung Jo was confused why he had to cry. Dong Wook insisted that it’s important for him to cry because he’s actually in state of deep sadness and depress. But Seung Jo couldn’t shed any tear, he even didn’t really know the reason why should he cry anyway.

Se Gyeong was leaving Yoon Joo’s house when she received a call from Ah Jeong telling her that In Chan got a bad situation. His mother passed away and they’re still in the hospital. In the same time, Seung Jo was consulting to his friend about his problem of unable to shed any tear, in the same hospital. Seung Jo got a mental problem ever since he’s back from France. Seung Jo knew that he had a problem, but it’s just hard for him to cry. “Just give me medicine,” he demand. Then getting in to his car, Seung Jo turned on a sad classic song and pretend to cry…but failed. Then suddenly, right in front of his car, a couple were making a scene. They’re Se Gyeong and In Chan. The man kept telling his girl friend to go away…In Chan was really yelling at Se Gyeong.

After In Chan left, Seung Jo approached Se Gyeong. She misunderstood him for coming there to handle the work matter. “Can you be a little considerate for a mourning person?” asked Se Gyeong. Then Seung Jo found out that In Chan’s mother passed away. He saw Se Gyeong stayed outside the funeral room.

A photographer caught both Se Gyeong and the way Seung Jo look at her in one frame. It’s Yoon Joo’s little brother’s work. He had the job to keep an eye on Seung Jo. And when Yoon Joo found there’s a connection between Seung jo and Se Gyeong, she demanded a further investigation.

Seung Jo was in a private yoga place when his father suddenly joined him. In the dressing room, his father noticed a photographer tailing Seung Jo and he told his son about it. Seung Jo soon in the parking lot caught the photographer red handed and of course asked him who the person behind him was.

Yoon Joo was in the middle of having dinner with the her in-law family when she got a text from Seung Jo. He asked her to come to his place, right the front building. He asked about her intention having someone tailing him and report to her his every move was all because she regreted leaving him. Yoon Joo said she had no regret about leaving him. She spoke harsh towards Seung Jo and said that he’s childish. But, even after he got those words from Yoon Joo, Seung Jo still failed to make himself cry.

Se Gyeong was still trying to help In Chan by writing a letter for Artemis Korea’s President, which is actually Seung Jo. She gave the letter to Secretary Moon and he delivered it later to Seung Jo.
“I am the already broke-up girl friend of Seo In Chan. He didn’t know I’m writing this to you. I apologize. I actually don’t know you. But despite all I write to you. Love is not easy. The reason my break up with Seo In Chan was money.I cannot be with Seo In Chan that’s why we broke up. Now I understand how foolish and immature it was to just give love and trust. The cannot-do-anything-me actually can just give all.” Along with the letter, Se Gyeong gave her bank account book and also the stamp, means all her savings. Every single money she save, even as small as 10,000 won has a touching description like: Seoul Fashion week or Paris Collection or others and the last money she saved was for “I want to go to Paris.” The total amount of her savings was 5 million won something.
Cha Seung Jo suddenly drop a tear. He was really really surprise. He immediately looked for a mirror to witness this moment that he really shed a tear. But not only that, he was actually really really touched by Se Gyeong’s letter that he sincerely cried.

So Seung Jo decided to forgive Seo In Chan and gave the money back to Se Gyeong. His hope was to bring the couple back together and then they would be really thankful towards him. He imagined Se Gyeong and In Chan would really touched. He expected the couple to be so thankful for him. But Secretary Moon suddenly came and said that Se Gyeong had come and gave them two presents. Seung Jo instantly freaked out. “Why she said thank you to you not me?? It’s suppose to be me she said thank to. And why she gave the presents to you, not me?” And he got madder when he saw his gift was just a simple bracelet while Secretary Moon’s gift was an expensive set of tie pin. Seung Jo hurriedly go for Se Gyeong.

Actually, Se Gyeong didn’t know that Seung Jo was the president of the company. She just knew him as Secretary Kim, the personal secretary of the president. Seung Jo protested she didn’t say thank and gave the present directly to the president. He handed the bank account book to her, but Se Gyeong said thank you but sorry that she couldn’t take it back. Seung Jo insisted but Se Gyeong complained why he had to insist her to take it back while he’s not even the president. Seung Jo was confused why she felt grateful but didn’t want to take her money back. Se Gyeong said she felt sorry more than thankful. Than Seung Jo also complained about the present, why the present she gave to Secretary Moon was more expensive ( he even knew the price). “That might be expensive in the shopping mall,” she pointed at Secretary Moon’s present, “but this is my own hand work when I was still in college, which I think is more precious than that one.” Seung Jo was happy instantly.
For Se Gyeong giving all her saving money means saying goodbye to In Chan for good.

When she got back, her family got together in the living room, discussing about their own economical problem. They’re thinking about borrowing a large of money, but Se Gyeong told them to sell the house.

Yoon Joo got a report from her brother that Seung Jo had nothing to do with Se Gyeong, but it was In Chan who worked for Artemis and both of In Chan and Yoon Joo got a severe economical problem.

Seung Jo decided to summon In Chan. He gave a name card and Se Gyeong’s money to In Chan. He recommended In Chan to start a new in a new recommended place and also start a new with Se Gyeong. He got the word “thank you” he expected from In Chan, and that made him so proud of himself that he started to speech of how important it was for the couple to keep their love together and be stronger. He’s very proud of it. Even when Dong Wook came to his house, he reported everything with a great pride. And he’s still imagining Se Gyeong would feel so thankful to him. This crazy guy couldn’t help himself dancing a lunatic-bunny-like dance. You should see yourself this was hilarious.

The next day, he called the place where he recommended In Chan to go to. But that guy never showed up. Then he got a report about Seo In Chan. He immediately went to see Se Gyeong after work. He asked if she met or talk or even text In Chan. “Why would I do that since we already broke up?” Se Gyeong confused. “Then you didn’t get the bank account book back do you?” Seung Jo concluded. Then he said Se Gyeong must have no idea that In Chan had left to Brazil with an early flight already. Se Gyeong tried to keep her expresssion straight and said that she gave the money anyway and it’s no longer her. So it didn’t matter what he’s gonna do with it.

But Seung Jo knew Se Gyeong was not really okay. So he followed Se Gyeong from a distance and even worried that she would throw herself to the busy street. Then she went to the river bank. Se Gyeong got a goodbye text from In Chan saying that he would have a fresh start in Brazil. Se Gyeong cried a heart breaking cry and seung Joo looked frustrated being unable to help her. He followed her until she came home savely.

Arriving at home, Se Gyeong found Yoon Joo was there and talking to her family. Yoon Joo got an initiative to help Se Gyeong’s family financial problem. She said she knew Se Gyeong’s reason of breaking up with In Chan was because of money. She wanted her to keep the house, love and not worrying about money…things that she couldn’t keep back then. “Keep the love nonsense!” Se Gyeong threw the money. “No matter how dying I am preparing myself to be a designer, I know I cannot be because i’m not destined to. Now I see the reality of life. And I just realize now that there’s no such a thing as a love to keep. I don’t even believe in love. But I believe in effort. And if the world wouldn’t change, I myself that would make the world change for me. I would do what you did to get you in this position now. I would make myself part of Cheongdamdong society. I would everything to become like you. I would be you.”

Meanwhile, the frustrated Seung Jo came to Dong Wook and let out his burden. He’s crying and crying because he was touched by Se Gyeong. He just found out that there’s still such a thing as a sincere love and sacrifice for love.

Yoon Joo got Se Gyeong’s point. Then she said there’s something she needed Se Gyeong to have that’s part of the secret what brought her to her current position now. It’s an elaborate book with a key, something like a journal I guess. And Yoon Joo wanted Se Gyeong to have it.

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