The Comical Posters from “Can’t Lose”

Not only one, the MBC’s romantic comedy drama “Can’t Lose” or the longer version “Can’t Live With Losing”  released three different posters, hilarious ones. This drama will be aired after “Heartsrings” wrapped their 15 episodes on August 18th,tells about  lawyers-married-couple, starred by two Hallyu stars, Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun, who decide to get divorce.

These posters show how this couple always bickering and quarreling, even in the front of the judge. The poster above reminds me of the Zorro couple (played by Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones), when they argue with sword.

On second poster, look the husband trying to beat out the wife, or maybe this drama actually tells about the husband who hasn’t ready to compete with his wife??? ow..ow..ow..the girl power make the guy worry.

“Can’t Lose” is scheduled to start airing next Wednesday (August 24th).

[by Blossom]

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