More Stills From “Can’t Lose”

After they’re married, now Yoon Sang Hyun-Choi Ji Woo begin their quarreling. As a married couple sometimes bickering time is common, but reportedly they will get a divorce, oh too bad…

But thank goodness, it’s only for their new drama “Can’t Lose” or “Can’t Live With Losing”. These are stills from that drama, Yoon-Choi will play as married couple. Lee Eun Jae (played by Choi Ji Woo) and Yeon Hyeong Woo (played by Yoon Sang Hyun), not only as  colleagues but also as a lover, so they decided to get married, but aftera  year their marriage life is no longer happy. The bickering and quarreling  fill up between them.

“Can’t Lose” is a romantic comedy drama which tells about married couple who will decide to get divorce, and it’s not easy for them to solve the problem, whereas they are both lawyers who used to deal with divorce cases.

This drama will replacing “You’ve Fallen For Me” start on August 24th.

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