Cinderella’s Sister Episode 1 Summary

Moon Geun Young was, at first, the only reason why i was interested in watching this drama. Well, who doesn’t know this Korean’s Younger Sister’s excellent acting? Then, watching the first episode…i was more impress to her character.
Antagonist as the leading role is definitely my style! Yeah, surely i’m gonna continue on watching this drama.

Song Eun Jo was so fed up with her mom’s way of life. Going after different man all her life and dragging Eun Jo along in it. The last man was Jang, a seriously damaged alcoholic. Kang Sook, Eun Jo’s mom, had left her in Jang’s house, while she herself going after another man. This time, she ran into a rich one. Knowing that her mother has found a new husband, Eun Jo decided to run away. She wanted to live on her own, away from her mother. The little boy, Jang’s son named Jong Woo, who had been living together with her just like a little brother,asked her to take him along. She said she wouldn’t.

Just in time when she was about to depart, two men came to pick her up under the order of Gu Dae Sung, her new step father. Eun Jo refused to go with them and fled. Hong Gi Hoon, one of the men, ran after her. And for me, this catch-me-if-you-can scene is quite memorable.

I think people won’t easily forget the way Eun Jo’s silky mermaid hair fell down when Gi Hoon could only caught the hair-stick-pencil from her hair while running after her. Beautiful.

Eun Jo was definitely a wounded girl, while her step sister Gu Hyo Sun was 180 the opposite character. they actually had met before on a train incident. I think i don’t need to be a psychologically-disturbed girl to feel Hyo Sun was so annoying. She was just twittering here and there. Imagine that you have to spend 24 hours of your life listening to
this girl’s exaggerated antusiasm about everything–God, everything?! Yes, we can obviously read it on Eun Jo’s face: “Just shut up, for God’s sake!”

Gu Dae Sung, the father, is a kind heart man with inner wisdom glimmering on his face, but is lack of communication skill. I think he and Eun Jo will have that as a problem and eventually would communicate to each other through different way.

I think it’s a nice introductory for episode one.

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