Cinderella’s Sister Episode 2 Summary

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I found Gi Hoon’s witty smile was quite annoying yet so cute. Well that’s the problem i guess, his smile was too cute for a man. And it’s not only me who found it disturbing, Eun Jo also did. That man seemed to put smile on his face automatically whenever he saw Eun Jo. He himself didn’t even realized he’s smiling when he’s smiling.

I like the scene when Eun Jo was passing through Gi Hoon’s pavilion. Gi Hoon who was enjoying nghttime drink out side, invited her to join him. Eun Jo asked what he wanted and why he was smiling. He said there’re millions of reasons to smile,but none of which was a desire to get something out of her.

Eun Jo was just continue walking through, leaving Gi Hoon bewildered. Gi Hoon continued his drinking and then was singing a melancholic song. (I don’t think it’s Korean, sounded like Spanish. but Gi Hoon way of speaking is a little funny in my opinion. He made Korean sounded more like Japan, so let alone his singing). Eun Jo caught a sad voice under his singing and it somehow touched her.

Living a lie is surely Kang Sook’s style. She put on a fake happy face all along her wedding ceremony. Gu Dae Sung of course looked sincerely apleased. He believed that the mother and the daughter were the lucky stars sent from Heaven for their house, while her Aunt, Granny shaman, didn’t think so.

Eun Jo was actually a brainy but since her life in the past had put her away from school often, she had lots of things to catch at her new school. She sat at the same class with Hyo Sun. She asked for a math tutor to Dae Sung, instead of money just like he offered.
EJ: “Give me the best one, not any dumbass”.
DS: “Perhaps i should give you a Korean tutor as well?”
EJ: “No, you shouldn’t. I’m very good in Korean. I’m the best at school.”
DS: “Then I think you know you shouldn’t use the word dumbass.”
And that’s what i was talking about in episode 1 summary,the different way of communication between Eun Jo and Dae Sung. Dae Sung promised to give her the best one. And voilla! the tutor was none other than Gi Hoon.

Eun Jo studying math like a maniac. Gi Hoon asked what she meant by “running out of time”. She said she had to study as much as she could when she had time. because for her, future was something that she couldn’t hold on to. She stormed out of the room. Hyo sun who seemed to be treated as ‘invicible’ looked for Eun Jo, but couldn’t find her anywhere. Meanwhile Gi Hoon knew where to seek.

The wine cellar, Eun Jo’s secret hiding introduced by Gi Hoon. He did find her there. He consoled her that he understood her feeling. He was once like her too, but finally turned out to be awesome. “Don’t you think i’m awesome?” he asked her cutely.

Well, our prince charming had flaws. He’s not the perfect prince charming in typical fairy tale. Behind his smiling hobby, he had a serious family issue and seemed to be wounded by it so deeply.

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