Cinderella’s Sister Episode 10 Summary

After seeing what happened in the first 10 minutes of episode 6, I decided not to continue watching the drama ‘whole heartedly’. And unfortunately, episode 7 to 9 didn’t give me any strong reasons to continue either. Things were just getting dirtier. Gi Hoon’s character just drove me nuts. I mean he might be a sinner, but I don’t think he should draw back all his feelings to Eun Jo and kept giving Hyo Sun false signals. Eun Jo on the other hand also drove me nuts. Her denial of Gi Hoon and her cold character just…i don’t know. But I did like her cool performance as a tough career woman. Jung Woo’s character might give a little different color to the story but unfortunately I didn’t sense it as strong enough to hit up the conflict. And the Dae Sung’s Co. vs Hong Ju matters…okay, I have to admit, it did good enough as the foreground conflict among these characters. The only character I really loved to see, in relation to how he reacted to all the matters was Gu Dae Sung.

That’s why, when Gu Dae Sung shocked to death finding out Gi Hoon, the man he had always trusted, was actually the one who caused the Japan’s order incident (even though Hong Gi Jung who did it, but he’s involvedanyway) and was working for his father to take over Dae Sung’s Co. in episode 9, I decided to go back to this drama on episode 10. Dae Sung’s death then became a turning point of everyone’s life.

At the end of episode 10, Eun Jo found out that she succeeded to make a wine that tasted just like Dae Sung’s when Hyo Sun confirmed it. She was so happy and wished to be complimented by only one man: Dae Sung. All this 8 years, she had addressed her step-father as “Sir” and even continued to refuse to call him “Aboji” (father) when Dae Sung once asked her to do that. It seemed that the wounded girl hadn’t healed yet all the past 8 years that the word “father” was still as alien as ever for her. Not until that very moment at the end of episode 10. Eun Jo served her tasted-like-father’s wine in front of Dae Sung’s picture in his former study room. Eun Jo sat in front of it and started her speech.

“I finally made it. Hyo Sun said my wine just tasted like yours. I finally made it. But all I want is for f-f..f…d-daddy to compliment me…”

Along with her tears falling down, Eun Jo, instead of calling Dae Sung ‘aboji’ (father) for the first time, she made it even more heartbreaking by calling him ‘appa’ (daddy), just like the way all korean girls usually address their fathers. Listening to the word coming out from Eun Jo’s mouth, that cold hearted girl’s mouth, the word made a lot deeper meaning. Eun Jo then continued:

“If I could turn back the time, I don’t know which moment I should go back to. Is it the moment when you stopped me from getting out of the house? Or should it be the moment when I insisted on taking the Japanese order? I’m so sorry, Daddy…It’s all my fault” And Eun Jo’s wept was getting more heartbreaking when she repeatedly screaming out “I’m sorry, Daddy…it’s all my fault…it’s all my fault.”

Ohh….that wept just dragged me back to continue watching this drama ‘whole heartedly’. I have to give credit to Moon Geun Young’s excellent acting once again…

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