Cinderella’s Sister Episode 20 Summary (Final)

After all the angst and frustration, Cinderella’s Sister reached the final episode on June 3rd 2010. Honestly, I kind of disappointed with the way the scriptwriter ended the story. I’d prefer this show stopped at episode 19.

Gi Hoon was investigated by the police in relation to Hong Joo scandal. That left Eun Jo explained everything to Hyo Sun. After finding out the truth, Hyo Sun was deeply broken hearted. Eun Jo then thought that she couldn’t be in love with Gi Hoon. Jung Woo’s leaving then gave her the idea of how easy it was actually to leave the house. After picking up Gi Hoon’s phone call, she packed her bag then left a letter in Gi Hoon’s room, saying simple words in Spanish. “Please take care of Hyo Sun.”

I terribly wished she had left for Ushuaia or at least somewhere farther than…the city?! I mean, after disappointing the viewers by giving a cheesy ending for the business like-hell-conflict (I think as a creative writer, the idea of using a suddenly-dying-of-cancer-who-wish-to-die-in-clean-hands former staff of Gi Jung was too uncreative), I was expecting something more climatic in Eun Jo-Gi Hoon-Hyo Sun relationship. But eventually, they gave us just another anti-climatic. No, you cannot buy me by throwing another kissing scene at another bushes area.

I also disagree with putting Eun Jo and Hyo Sun’s developed sister-loving relationship as the closing. They hug each other for the first time in their lives together, with the spirit of the late father looked very proud of his girls. I’m not saying it was another cheesy scene, but I just felt something was wrong with it. Feels like it was not really suitable for the closing.

Therefore, unsurprisingly, i don’t have any favorite scenes nor lines, not even any expression in this episode.

For my own closing, I think this drama actually had a lot of potential to be more interestingly smart and touching story telling. Most of the audience agreed that the first 4 episode were the best of all. Very interesting, entertaining, and curiosity driving. Too bad the story was significantly affected by the ‘conflict’ behind the scenes. Too bad it had altered from a wonderful story into a full of frustration one. Well, I understand that in a drama/movie production everyone involved does have a credit, but i think in this case they have to be very grateful to have such great actors and actresses. I think their wonderful acting was the thing that had saved this drama from being a total failure.

Eun Jo wanted to talk to Hyo Sun about something (related to Gi Hoon’s matters), but finally didn’t say anything.

Hyo Sun’s uncle handed Eun Jo a note Jung Woo had left for her. And those are the words.

Eun Jo ran for Jung Woo and found him in the nearby bus shelter. She wanted to take him back home. But Jung Woo finally said goodbye.

This is after Eun Jo had left the house and Gi Hoon looked for her. After some tries, Gi Hoon found Eun Jo’s working in a particular lab somewhere in the city (i guess). Eun Jo was just out of the lab when she saw Gi Hoon was already standing across the street. But Eun Jo just left.

After the ‘street heart throbbing’ incident, this is the moment when Gi Hoon finally said the word, “사랑해” (“I Love You”)

Another hugs and…KISS

Happy ending for everyone :)

The very first sisters’ sincere hug, with father’s spirit gave his blessing

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  1. critanya bagus bgt.tolong dong indosiar di tanyangin lagi film cinderella’s stepsister



    Drama is extremely similar to curry – you got the good curry and then the crap curry and I have to say the directors started making some bad ass curry at the start of Cinderella’s sister but then ran out of spice and pepper so from a bad ass super hot curry to some floppy disgusting orangish,redish slime.

    WHAT THE F**K HAPPENED? The drama started off all heated and powerful in the first 4 episodes but then the moment it reached ep 5 everything just went down hill.

    You see I haven’t even watched the final episode and I can tell that it so crap that if I watch it I will have to stare at a brick wall and re-evaluate my life (that’s how bad it is).

    I put some much of my faith and hope into this drama that the moment I hit ep 12 I was like. Nah, I don’t want to make myself hate this drama so I decided to stop watching it; that’s when my friends decided to tell me that everything you start you must end so I was like okay ‘LETS GO KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!’

    One of the biggest mistake of my life got up to ep 19. I was like f**k this I need to move that’s when I stumbled up WHO ARE YOU: SCHOOL 2015.

    (Ay man THE HEIRS be my G)

    Summary of Who are you: school 2015 – Set at a prestigious private high school in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Eun-Byeol is a popular student at the private high school. She goes missing and returns, but she has lost her memory. She tries to find out the truth.

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