Cinderella’s Sister Episode 12 Summary

Gi Hoon talked some senses to Eun Jo, but she insisted on leaving even if she had to do it without Gi Hoon. However, on her way out of home, the cheering voices of the full-spirited workers in the factory caught her attention. Seeing those faithfull workers worked so cheerfully and even warmly greeted Eun Jo as ‘little bos’, Eun Jo knew that her steps would definitely stop there.

Eun Jo held the ceremony for yeast that used to held by Dae Sung. This scene was quite touching since it hovered from the time when it’s held by Dae Sung and the time when it’s held Eun Jo.

The Kang Sook and Hyo Sun matters needed the smart Eun Jo to interfere. Eun Jo needed once again to “slap awake” Hyo Sun through her sharp lines, while Eun Jo reminded her mother that during that hard situation, if Kang Sook didn’t get any kinder to Hyo Sun, they both would probably be dumped from the house without any single cent.

While Eun Jo-Hyo Sun’s relationship was heading to a brighter future, Eun Jo-Gi Hoon’s was still as gloomy as it always had been since Episode 5. However, they got a bit warmer to each other.

The business conflict was not over yet, the crisis was still hot in the air. After ‘escorting’ Eun Jo to the lab, Gi Hoon saw his father’s car heading to the university, then he ran to stop it. When he managed to talk to his dad, he found out that his father intended to meet Eun Jo at the uni lab to tell her everything, including Gi Hoon’s participation. Gi Hoon said he wouldn’t let him do it, instead he’d do it himself.

So, that night, going home drunk, Gi Hoon banged on the door to confess everything to Eun Jo.

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  1. ouahh 8-O i love this k drama it’s the beste one that i never seen before :D really the probleme it’s the time that i had to wet in the dawlonding T_T why i had to wet all this time :?: :( :cry:

  2. drama korea keren bngt :wink: :-D : :-o

  3. even though l didnt see e full movie its very great to watch too bad it ended in a boring way

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