Cinderella’s Sister Episode 4 Summary

I love this episode since it was both beautiful and sad in the same time…

Eun Jo and Hyo Sun had a horrible teenage girls’ fight because of the bouquet and card from Dong Soo. Eun Jo who thought those things were for Hyo Sun also surprised that Do Soo actually liked her and asked her out, instead of Hyo Sun. The little sis was furious and called her unni “Beggar!”

The girls came home at a mess and resulted daddy to punish them both. The traditional leg-hitting punishment. Hyo Sun was crying like a baby after got hit by her father, but Eun Jo, she remained calm taking all those bamboo stick hits. The daddy kept hitting her leg until Gi Hoon stopped the event and brought Eun Jo to the wine cellar.

Eun Jo found peace by leaning her head to a big wine jar, listening the sound of bubbles inside it. She was so consoled by the bubbles sound that she seemed didn’t care when Gi Hoon’s treating her injury. When Gi Hoon asked, “Does it hurt?” She only answered, “Uhh” which means a yes in Korean. Then it showed my favorite scene:  Eun Jo imagining she and Gi Hoon were in a big bubble floating to the moon…awwww.

The next morning Eun Jo searched for Gi Hoon to ask one thing: “Who was the girl at the river?” Gi Hoon, firstly taken aback by the question, was then full of boyish smile (Gosh, his smile was so disturbing!) thinking that Eun Jo was being jealous. Even though Eun Jo’s way of asking was as plain and cold as usual, Gi Hoon seemed to get a glee. He explained to her that it was just a friend’s sister who delivered his stuffs from his old place since her brother couldn’t do it. Gi Hoon than showed Eun Jo his favorite stuffs.

Our prince charming was then summoned by his wicked stepmother who threatened him to give up his claim of the inheritance. Gi Hoon threatened her back by saying he never had any intention to give up his inheritance. He told them not to dare laying their hands on him. When he stormed out of the room, he called his dad saying “How can I help you?”

Eun Jo got ‘the best student award’ at school. She wanted to show it to daddy, but it seemed the whole family’s attention was dragged to Hyo Sun. She approached Gi Hoon, pointing to a certain direction with her finger and left. Gi Hoon found her in the wine cellar and protested “Was that your way telling me to meet you here?”  But Eun Jo just showed her the award and Gi Hoon was straightly full of smile and pride. He tousled her hair, saying “You did very very well!” Gi Hoon then asked Eun Jo to go with him and said he had a gift for her. He handed an old precious pen, wrapped in a cloth case. Hyo Sun saw the event and protested why Gi Hoon didn’t give her the pen too. (I don’t care!) That night, Eun Jo tested the fountain pen and wrote down “Eun Jo Ya”, the way Gi Hoon always called her.

After having a very good day, when morning came the next day, Eun Jo found out that Gi Hoon was left for the military service, which of course a fake reason. Eun Jo ran to the military bus terminal and didn’t find Gi Hoon anywhere. Gi Hoon who handed a letter to Hyo Sun, didn’t know that the girl never hand Eun Jo the letter, always looked back expecting Eun Jo to come. The letter was written in Spanish which some Gi Hoon narrated, more less like this:”Stop me, Eun Jo. If you take my hand and stop me, I won’t go.”

So the two were separated. Eun Jo went to the river bank and made the heartbreaking wept. Since she never know how to say that man’s name (Hong Gi Hoon), she cried out her own name instead “Eun Jo Ya….Eun Jo Ya…”

And then…….tararara! 8 years later…

Song Eun Jo became Gu Eun Jo, giving an impressive presentation about Dae Sung Co.’s product. When she finished the presentation she noticed an exhibition at a gallery just across the street. It exhibited Gi Hoon’s favorite painters, so she went there. Surprisingly, she met Hyo Sun there. She was no more the kind heart Hyo Sun. Our Cinderella was not as perfect as the one in the fairy tale. I could sense evilness in the way she told Eun Jo, “I’m dating Gi Hoon Oppa. Dind’t you know that?”

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