Cinderella’s Sister Episode 3 Summary

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Hyo Sun and Eun Jo’s fight at the end of episode 2 resulted Kang Sook slapped her own daughter. Eun Jo then decided to leave the house, but as she got by the river (or the sea or the lake? i’m not sure about that place) she was stopped by Gi Hoon who had been searching for her all around the neighborhood. Eun Jo insisted on leaving and Gi Hoon kept trying to stop her. She then stumbled and fell and cut her knee. Gi Hoon brought her to a doctor and in a funny way asked the doctor if the girl had any problem in feeling any pain. She looked very plain that the cut didn’t seem to hurt her at all.

On their way, Eun Jo asked Gi Hoon what language did he sing the other night? Gi Hoon was surprised of the idea that Eun Jo took any notice about it, but answered that it was Spanish. Thinking the idea of Spain was so far away from Korea, she asked him to teach her the language. The big problem was Gi Hoon didn’t know Spanish.

However, Gi Hoon started the Spanish tutorial, taking one hour of their math tutorial. Eun Jo asked Gi Hoon whether South America was farther away from Spain. Tending to start with the alphabet, Eun Jo had actually outran Gi Hoon. Trying to save his face, Gi Hoon drew a dot representing Ushuaia, the southernmost city on earth. She then asked him how long did it take to get there and how much would it cost, but finally asked him to just forget about it.

The incident of the unexpected visit by the drunk Mr. Jang had brought Gi Hoon into a further understanding about Eun Jo’s hard life. She asked him to kill him for her, but Gi Hoon volunteered to drive that man home. Eun Jo worried and waited for his return the whole night.

Gi Hoon himself actually lived in misery. He never really excepted as one of the Hong family member. He was summoned by his father early in the morning to ask Gi Hoon to leave Dae Sung Brewery. It seemed that the fact would harm Hong Co. if the press found out about this issue.

Gi Hoon was finally back to Dae Sung brewery, drunk. Eun Jo went out to check on him. When she finally saw him, she felt relieved but didn’t really show it. I loved the way she narrated her feeling, “He’s back.” “He’s smiling.” “He called me ‘Eun Jo Ya'”. I could sense a little intimacy in the way Gi Hoon said her name that way (adding the ‘ya’ ater her name) and in the way Eun Jo somehow startled by that. The next thing was drunken Gi Hoon approached Eun Jo and leaned on her, saying “Eun Jo, i’m so hungry.” I love this scene.

The next day, Eun Jo saw Gi Hoon was with another girl sat happyly by the river (or the sea or the lake?). That girl handed him something. Eun Jo did recognize jealousy, but turned her face coldly when Gi Hoon called her

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