Cinderella’s Sister Episode 5 Summary

My biggest question for this episode is: why they had to turn a sweet drama into something like this? Ugh…I’m seeing a gloomy storyline ahead

Hyosun seemed to had turned to be a wicked girl. She tried to make Eun Jo believed that she and Gi Hoon was then seeing each other as an item. But Eun Jo didn’t buy that, she wasn’t even provoked as Hyo Sun had wished. She just stayed cool and plain.

Our prince charming then returned to Korea. We lost his boyish smile. He looked anxious and weary. I guess he’s no longer the same Gi Hoon we’d known in the past 8 years. I guess he was up to some evil plans with his dad. He made a phone call to Dae Sung brewery anyway…

At the brewery…a grown up Jung Woo came to work for Dae Sung Co. factory. Hyo Sun’s ballet career sucked. Kang Sook had given birth to a son named Joon Soo. Eun Jo always talked about business to his step-dad. When Eun Jo met Jung Woo, she didn’t recognize him as the little chubby Jung Woo she used to know.

Eun Jo was in search for a new employee to help her in the office, in charge for financial department. In the mean time, Gi Hoon made a visit to Dae Sung family, Hyo Sun met him first. Just when Hyo Sun and Gi Hoon was walking towards the factory, Eun Jo and Jung Woo was heading the opposite way. They stopped and stare at each other.

Then I really hated it when, after an 8 years of separation, Gi Hoon greeted Eun Jo with this line: “Oh, I think it’s a familiar face! It’s Hyo Sung’s sister isn’t it?” I think if I had been Eun Jo, I would’ve done the same thing too: stare at him coldly and said, “Yes, I am.” Then said a formal greeting “how do you do,” as if meeting a complete stranger for the first time. I mean, did he really expect Eun Jo to embrace him after leaving her without a word? But of course Gi Hoon was bewildered since he thought Eun Jo had received the letter.

Eun Jo kept treating Gi Hoon very coldly in any situation. Even when she interviewed Gi Hoon for the vacant position, she acted professionally. Gi Hoon once asked, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” As you might guess, Eun Jo just answered coldly, “No, I don’t.”

I really hate Gi Hoon’s expression in this whole episode. I hate Hyo Sun’s change as well. We really missed the sense of sweetness of this drama.

Then one evening, Eun Jo ran into Gi Hoon outside. Gi Hoon took this opportunity to talk their personal matters. He insisted Eun Jo had anything to talk to him. Eun Jo just kept saying no. “Why do have to have any?”

Gi Hoon protested her not to pretend like she never knew him. Eun Jo snapped back by asking did she have to act like she’d known him. Then the two scolded each other in their own ways, until Gi Hoon got it that Eun Jo thought he was with Hyo Sun. He said Hyo Sun wasn’t the one and tried to make a further explanation. But Eun Jo refused to hear and just left.

Gi Hoon called her, “Hey…hey..!” Eun Jo kept walking. But then he called her name once again, after 8 years, “Eun Jo ya…Eun Jo ya…” Eun Jo suddenly stopped and her already teary eyes finally dropped a tear. That names still meant something to her.

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