Couple Get Back Together in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 47

The ups and downs of the Hwang Brothers in Ojakgyo Brothers is getting more interesting. It seems that the writer wanted the ups-downs moments of the brothers to be fair in the story line. After all the past weeks of Tae Hee-Ja Eun hot romance, the happiness has to move slowly but sure to the other brothers whose love relationships didn’t work well.

The happiest couple of this moment was Hwang Tae Bom and Cha Su Yeong. After all tiring weeks of fighting, they finally settled their problem.

Tae Bom gave a sign of a will to linger while he was saying goodbye to Su Yeong after he drove her home. Su Yeong still said that she would be alright and was like “shoo-ing” Tae Bom for lingering. Tae Bom turned away and ready to go, Su Yeong did too. But then she turned back again and said, “You said you loved me. Shouldn’t you try harder to linger around me even when I told you to leave many times?” Tae Bom ran to her and asked if he really could stay beside Cha Su Yeong. Su Yeong was about to start talking “Don’t go…” but then Tae Bom kissed her.

And then they kissed passionately.

Inside the house they started to get awkward again and they’re ready for their “first night”.

Tae Bom made sure he looked good and ready. While Su Yeong put on a lip gloss and practiced some sexy poses…in the right time Tae Bom came in to the room.

They’re about to go to sleep when Su Yeong fart. Tae Bom said it’s okay,he understood, but she insisted it wasn’t her. Then she searched for the fart-sound source and it was what she called “It’s Cha Gom’s toy.” And they both laughed.

Su Yeong told Tae Bom that she kept wondering what “Cha Gom” means. Cha Gom is the nickname of their baby. Tae Bom said, “It’s actually an acronym of words. It’s from ‘Cha Su Yeong, Gomawo’.” Means: Cha Su Yeong, thanks.
Then Su Yeong said the baby should be nicknamed “Hwang Sa”. “Hwang Tae Bom, Saranghae…”

Tae Bom had a surprise for Su Yeong. He brought the ring he once bought for them. “Should we register our marriage?” asked Tae Bom. Su Yeong said, “Is this a proposal? Okay. let’s do it.”

Then Tae Bom kissed Su Yeong on the forehead as a thanks for marrying him. Then he kissed her cheek as a thanks for being a good mother for their baby.

And they kissed and….well, you know the rest. :D

Tae Shik and Mi Sook also showed a good progress, and Tae Phil and Yeol have already been honest to each other but no in public yet.
And the family took a family picture together for the mother’s birthday! Even Ja Eun was invited…cute…

This very warm “full-team” situation might be the last moment for them.

But sadly, the episode has to end with Tae Hee found out the truth that the culprit of the hit and run that cost his father’s life was none other Baek In Ho, Ja Eun’s dad. So this lovely moment and cute picture would be their last taking picture together? Probably… :(

* * *

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  1. soOoO perfect DrAma Ilike It ^^
    so I want to Know whats the name Of the song In last of these part ?????
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