The Sad Truth in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 50

With Ja Eun’s father miraculously came back safe and sound, the sad truth finally revealed to the whole family. Tae Hee and Ja Eun had to deal with the reality that they’re linked into each other with a tragic fate. When Ja Eun introduced Tae Hee and her father, Tae Hee tried to hold his emotion. But the next day he went to Baek In Ho and cynically asked, “How could you play innocent in front of me after what you had done?”

Baek In Ho was curious and he visited the chief police. The Chief finally told him the truth about the victim he hit 20 years ago had actually died and that poor victim was none other his friend’s little brother and the father of the man his daughter was in love with.

Tae Hee bought him and Ja Eun couple ring as Ja Eun requested the other day. When Ja Eun visited him on the police office’s basketball  hall, he asked her what else she wanted to do with her boyfriend besides having couple ring. Ja Eun told him a long list. She started with  Tae Hee came to her on her graduation with nice suits and lots of beautiful flowers.

Before they sit and talked, Ja Eun has seen Tae Hee was holding the box indicating the couple ring. So she asked him to put the ring on her finger  right away.

Tae Hee had promised his parents to end up his relationship with Ja Eun the least by the end of the week. So Tae Hee asked Ja Eun if they could go on a short trip on the weekend, didn’t matter if it’s a day trip or an over night. Ja Eun agreed.

Ja Eun then suddenly remembered her promise with her dad to meet at the farm. Tae Hee was almost panic hearing that. He told Ja Eun that he’d come with her.

Baek In Ho came to the family with full of emotions. He met the Grandmother and started to beg for forgiveness. He didn’t know that Hwang Chang Woo was dead because of him. But Mr. Hwang dragged Baek In Ho into the shed and let out his emotion towards him. Just right in time, Ja Eun saw and heard everything. She finally found out the truth. And Tae Hee couldn’t do anything when she freeze and started to break down and cried.

The Grandmother got more suspicious about Baek In Ho’s strange action of keep begging for her forgiveness. Mr. Hwang finally decided to tell the whole truth to his mother. Unable to handle the ugly truth, the Grandmother collapsed. They called the ambulance right away. Tae Hee drove his car with his mother, while Ja Eun followed them with her father by taxi. The later two had no confidence to get inside the emergency unit.

The Grandmother had received an intensive care, but not yet conscious. Meanwhile Ja Eun kept standing still in the same spot, feeling worry and guilty and confuse in the same time, but mostly lost of self confidence to even look inside and see what really happen. The rest of Hwang sons came in rush and noticed Ja Eun. Tae Phil called her to come inside with them together, but Ja Eun pretended not listening. The brothers were wondering what actually happened with the whole thing, Grandma fell unconscious and Ja Eun acted strange in the same time. Tae Phil tried to dig information from Tae Hee, but hearing Ja Eun was still standing in front of the emergency unit, he rushed outside without responding anything to his brother.

Sadly, he could only watched Ja Eun from a far. He decided to call Kim Je Ha for a help.

Je Ha came to persuade Ja Eun to get into his car or take a rest. She refused to do both. She didn’t even let Je Ha put his jacket on her. Ja Eun only asked him to let his father stay in his car. Ja Eun turned around to check on her dad for awhile when she spotted Tae Hee from a distant. They could only stare at each other with teary eyes. Deep down in his heart Tae Hee wanted to run to Ja Eun and comfort her. But if he did so, he betrayed his own grandmother and father. Tae Hee turned away first.

The rest of Hwang brothers finally found out the real story. They felt sorry and worry for grandmother, Ja Eun and Tae Hee.

It wasn’t only Tae Hee who always worried Ja Eun. Mrs. Hwang came out and gave Ja Eun a drink to help her warm herself. She also put on her scarf into Ja Eun’s neck. Ja Eun refused her care at first, but she said that Ja Eun shouldn’t let herself got sick that it could make everyone, especially Grandmother, worry about her and everything got more complicated.

Tae Hee and the whole family kept helping the Grandmother to gain her consciousness again. She finally woke up in the morning and the family brought her back to the farm. As soon as she got home, she requested to summon Baek In Ho. Facing Baek In Ho, she couldn’t hold her emotion and fell unconscious again. On her bed when she got a little better, she asked his son if Tae Hee knew about it. Mr. Hwang said yes. The Grandmother felt sorry and turned her face away from her son.

Mrs. Hwang packed Ja Eun’s belonging under the order of her husband. Later that day Mr. Hwang met Ja Eun in person to give her stuffs back. Ja Eun understood the situation. She wouldn’t go back to the farm. For the last topic, Mr. Hwang told Ja Eun that she should  have known what she got to do with her relationship with Tae Hee. She said yes.

That night when Tae Hee was on the stakeout, Ja Eun called. She asked to meet tomorrow. She said she would dress up and put on a make up like it was her graduation day. Tae Hee agreed to bring her flowers and said he would also dress up for her. Each of them cried while arranging their meeting. They knew it’s definitely going to be their last date. It’s a good bye date. When Ja Eun finally hung up, Tae Hee couldn’t hold his streaming tears.

This episode was just so sad… I felt sorry for the grandmother, Mrs. Hwang, Ja Eun and Tae Hee. But I really hope that the Grandmother could forgive Baek In Ho for the sake of Tae Hee’s happiness… :(

On the other side of the story, Hwang Tae Shik finally got a job offer in hospital and decided to propose Mi Sook. He used the cheesy old ways: playing guitar and sang a love song loudly in front of Mi Sook. Well, despite what happen to the family, I have to say I’m happy for this couple. At least there’s still a good news in the family.


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