Daesang Award for Shin Ha Kyun on 2011 KBS Drama Daesang Awards

Shin Ha Kyun won the Daesang Award on 2011 KBS Drama Daesang Awards. The event was held last night, December 31 2011. While I’m personally supported the Daesang Award for him, last night results raised pros and cons about whether it’s supposed to be Park Si Hoo or Shin Ha Kyun who won the Daesang Award.

Despite its late aired, drama “Brain” had proven to people that it took tons of efforts to make a good and popular drama that it’s not merely putting famous idol cast or celebrated new comer actor/actress on the production. When it was about to be aired “Brain” wasn’t even as anticipated as “Man of Honor” (Glory Jane). The talk was mostly about the expensive hospital-like setting and Shin Ha Kyun’s come back. But as the story went on, it rapidly attracted people’s attention with fresh story line, not-over-dramatic  conflict but still has thrills, and of course the brilliant acting of the casts.

Since 2011 KBS Daesang Awards officials announced the nominees, people had been predicting the battle of daesang award for Park Si Hoo and Shin Ha Kyun. Park Si Hoo with his excellent acting in “Princess’ Man” gained so much attention and praising. I agreed with that and before watching “Brain”, I still thought he was the one who’s gonna get the award. But, “Brain” came on air. And i think people do have to admit, like it or not, that Shin Ha Kyun, with his experiences and skills, is a level higher than Park Si Hoo. And the young man got the Grand Excellence Award anyway, and yes of course he really deserved it. I’m proud of Park Si Hoo, too. Then ss soon as Park Si Hoo got that award, I knew that when Jang Hyeok (Daesang Award winner of 2010 KBS Daesang Awards) was about to announce this year’s winner, it’s gonna be Shin Ha Kyun.

He opened his speech with “It’s more difficult than doing the surgery”. With his humble, short but clear speech, Shin Ha Kyun said thank you to the PD, writer, producer, the crew, the fellow actors and actresses of “Brain”.

Keep up the good work and congrats Shin Ha Kyun ajeossi! :)

[by Rizz]

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  1. hmm, i haven’t been able to watch mr park’s series but i really haven’t seen anyone act as intensely and realistic as shin ha-kyun. his facial expressions are like an orchestra. eyes, mouth, etc., act together to make the scene really touching. he deserved the daesang!

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