Dream High Episode 11 Summary

Episode 11 began with Sam Dong’s heartbreaking prologue. It revealed his broken hearted. He’s bearing a hardship that beyond his power.

It’s a gloomy world for Song Sam Dong. His character kept developing. He used to be an innocent talented kid, then he became a genius Kirin student who had a lot of dreams…and here, in this episode, he turned to be someone else. His world was falling apart. He lost Hye Mi, soon would lose his hearing, and the worst of all, he’s losing his dream.

Sam Dong went to the doctor to check on his troubled hearing. The doc said he’d gradually lose his hearing. I think it was the side effect from the injury he had when protecting Hye Mi.

This nice guy turned into the “Black” Sam Dong instantly. He’s broken hearted, losing hope, lonely and so much in pain. He was even crying in the middle of the crowd.

Kang Oh Yeok submitted his resignation, but he asked Principal Shi to keep his promise to make the three Half-Admission students became regular students. For Mr. Shi, he’d much prefer seeing no more Oh Yeok at school than having the three talented kids in the regular class.

Hye Mi was invited to come to Group K management. She was offered a beneficial contract where she’d become one of the group K members. The cool Hye Mi had to bumped herself to the wall to assure her that she’s not dreaming. And when she asked for Oh Yeok’s opinion, the teacher supported whatever best for her, but he told her to think about it carefully before signing the contract.

Meanwhile, Sam Dong still struggling with his turning-up-side-down life. A loud music from an underground club attracted him. So there he was, trying to absorb as much sound as he could. Even in that very noisy place, he heard only a small volume of sound. His hearing was definitely degrading.

He stayed in the club after the performance. Apparently In Seong had a part time job there and tried to talk to Sam Dong what happened to him and why he’s not going home. Sam Dong heartbreakingly said, “I have no home. There’s no sound in there. I want to stay here where there’s so much sound that stayed.”

At the group K meeting, Baek Hee looked worry. She had a feeling that the manager was interested in recruiting Hye Mi and she might be kicked out, replaced by Hye Mi. But it’s very obvious that Baek Hee was the least popular among the other members. While Mr. Manager announcing schedules of Jason, Ree Ah, Jin guk and others, he had no schedule for Baek Hee. Thankfully Jason said he didn’t to spend his winter holiday working. He said he’s taking the song composition class to improve his musical quality. Baek Hee immidiately said she’d like to join the class too, with the same reason.

All the ex-half-admission class needed to take the song composition class. They still didn’t know that Oh Yeok was resigning. And Sam Dong wasn’t anywhere around.

Pil Sook found an A+ result sticked on her locker. It was Jason’s. Pil Sook recalled the moment when she told him harshly about he’s being ignorance of his own dream…could it be Jason’s way to prove her wrong? Jason intentionally passed by Pil Sook with a cool-smug face. Pil Sook congratulated him enthusiastically that she didn’t see the column. She bumped to it and fell. This scene was hilariously cute.

Yang Jin Man was shock hearing from Ms. Shi that Oh Yeok was resigning. She told him about the fake-showcase and night club incident that made Oh Yeok went out from school to let his students stayed. And what they didn’t expect was, Hye Mi was listening to their conversation too.

The arrogant and brave Hye Mi bursted in to the teacher’s room. She challenged Principal Shi what should the three students do to make Oh Yeok back. If it required them to get all A mark in the song composition class, Hye Mi dared to take the challenge.

Hye Mi thought Sam Dong might be at his hometown, but when she called his mother, she found out that Sam Dong wasn’t there. So it left her and Pil Sook worry both about getting A in song composition class in order to bring Oh Yeok back and about Sam Dong’s whereabout because among the two girls, he’s the genius in composing music.

Hye Mi asked Pil Sook to imitate Sam Dong’s voice when his name mentioned in the class. Pil Sook was desparate because she couldn’t speak in satturi (the dialect). Jason who was sitting on the next bench heard about it.

The class started, Pil Sook gladly found Jason was sitting next to her. The teacher was a funny man, but a strict teacher. He’s a well known music composer. When it’s time for him to check students’ presence, Jason took over Sam Dong’s voice-imitation that it pleased Pil Sook. Ohh couldn’t this couple be cuter? i’m looking forward to their relationship progress.

Meanwhile Kang Oh Yeok’s life moving on. He taught music for housewifes. Jin Guk came by to talk to him. He asked why Oh Yeok could have a heart to leave them alone at school and ran this kind of life instead. Oh Yeok said he’s not leaving them at all and what he’s doing then was something that could actually bring him back to Kirin. He’s actually a smart person :)

Ms. Maeng and Mr. Gong were appointed by Principal Shi to select some “highly-qualified-teacher” nominees to replace Kang Oh Yeok. Principal Shi was surprised when he found Kang Oh Yeok’s application as the highly recommended one.

Oh Yeok came to Kirin school with a new spirit and new hairstyle :rolleyes: He came for the interview. He tried to prove to everyone at that school that the new Kang Oh Yeok was really qualified for being a teacher there.

Baek Hee got an A in song composition class. It was only Ms. Shi who got suspicious about it, so she confronted Baek Hee to make her admitted it. Baek Hee did admit, but she reminded her teacher that it was Ms. Shi herself who taught her about the importance of getting rid of rivals in order to survive this industry. Ms. Shi didn’t think Baek Hee would go this far. Baek Hee said she needed the mark to make her stay in K group. She didn’t want her place to be taken by Hye Mi. And as you might have thought, Hye Mi accidently overheard this conversation.

I started to have an optimism that Baek Hee and Hye Mi would officially make up their friendship very soon. It must be really hard to call someone your “ex-best friend” and played a dirty game to compete with her. And it didn’t make Baek Hee happy anyway, so in order to not makinfgher as the victim of her own evilness, i’d prefer her making up the friendship with Hye Mi again. But apparently the drama goes this way…so let’s see what comes next. ;)

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  1. tanx for your summary!
    please put the summary of episode 12 as soon as posible! because i want to know what happen to sam dang! every one knows that he lose his hearing abilty or not?????????

  2. There’s a scene that Hye Mi recalls her memory of dancing practice with Sam Dong. Both of them accidentally collided. I’m wondering when was it happenned?

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