Dream High Episode 15 Summary

Hye Mi was leaving for USA, that’s the biggest issue in this episode. But the biggest news had to be Jason-Pil Sook relationship! They kissed…well, not practically on screen kissing, but let’s just say they did.

Ma Doo Shik officially recruited Sam Dong and three ex-K group. Sam Dong’s self esteem was high. He asked Jin Guk about their competition and said that he was ready to have a fair man to man competition.

Hye Mi was overwhelmed by her own feelings. She was confused which one of the boys she really liked, Jin Guk or Sam Dong? So when Sam Dong called her from the other side of the bridge, she ran. Sam Dong caught up with her and asked why she fled. Ridiculously Hye Mi said she was just exercising.

Kang Oh Yeok got a shocking surprise as soon as he arrived at home. The fact that Go Byung Jik was standing right in front of him was very overwhelming. Hye Seong was very excited having her dad around, while Hye Mi…she welcomed her dad with some soft punches. Seeing his daughters lived with a couple of boys, he got concern. He told Oh Yeok he’s bringing his daughters to the US. Hye Mi deserved to continue her dream in classical music…to Julliard. Mr.Go insisted they’re staying at the hotel until all the required documents were completed. Oh Yeok was letting Hye Mi go because all he wanted was the best for her, but he successfully persuaded Mr.Go to stay overnight. The boys had to share their bedroom with Hye Mi’s dad.

Jin Guk wasn’t asking Hye Mi to stay either. He congratulated her instead. He said finally she could reach her dream and he’s happy for her. Hye Mi just thanked him cheerfully.

Unlike Jin Guk, Sam Dong asked her to stay…he needed her to stay, but he didn’t know what kind of reason he had to make. Hye Mi was listening to him from behind the door. I bet her heart was beating fast.

Go Byung Jik woke his daughters in the middle of the night. He brought them out of Oh Yeok’s house. I thought it’s gonna be a hotel like he said…but reality wasn’t that sweet. He’s not yet a successful person again, though couldn’t be said as pennyless, so instead of bringing them to the hotel, he made them sleep at sauna house.

The boys were panic, where they should find Hye Mi. They looked for her here and there. Sam Dong looked very desperate. He said he needed to find her immediately because he seemed unable to breathe if she’s gone. Hye Mi was actually taking her time alone walking around the city and ended up at school. Bek Hee met her at the gate.

Ma Doo Shik had prepared a song for the new group’s debut. He got the old song, and Oh Yeok was inspired to combine it with the song Sam Dong composed. Ms.Shi said Sam Dong had named it Dream High. Ma Doo Shik then agreed to make that as the group name.

Go Byung Jik confronted Oh Yeok at school thinking he was the one who persuaded Hye Mi to go. He bursted put saying “After you seduced my wife and made her leave without a word, now you want to take my daughter too?” Ms. Shi was shocked by the news. Ma Doo Shik soon brought up the old debt issue he still owed him. Oh Yeok told Hye Mi not to worry about the debt and just go to US with her dad, and they could just stay at Kang residence before their flight. Kang Oh Yeok really had an angel heart!! Mr.Go should have had ashame on that, but he all he knew was taking away his daughter to US to study classical music again, but then he agreed to stay at the Kang residence while they’re waiting for the documents were ready.


Ms.Shi was sad that Oh Yeok could be such a man who dared to seduced a married woman. But she still had a faith in him. There had to be something wrong with that news. Yang Jin Man tried to make her heart sway, but he failed.

Hye Mi went out rounding about the town again. Jin Guk finally found her on the street crossing. Why it’s always at the street crossing for their meeting spot? Anyway, Hye Mi was trying to figure out what to so. Should she stay or should she go. Jin Guk told her to just follow her heart and he would support her whatever her decision was.

Jason made Pil Sook invited to be the guest for a TV show. She was so cute and did great. But Jason was so worry when he found out that they’re bringing up Pil Sook old image as an extra-large girl. Surprisingly, she handled it very well. She didn’t freak out, she went along with the topic. When the presenter asked, “how big was it 84 kg?” Pil Sook cutely pointing the bear and said, “it’s probably about that big.”

And that’s everyone, was the “i’m proud of you” expression Jason had on his face.

Jason and Pil Sook went to this beautiful building to talk. Pil Sook said she felt grateful to be in Kirin, despite her old condition. She passed the audition, met some good friends…and also met him. Jason then said there’s actually one person who still liked the fat Pil Sook.

He finally showed Pil Sook whose picture he had as his home screen cell phone. It’s her! it turned out that Jason had been keeping the fat Pil Sook picture. Ooooohhh…

Jason then teased her by pretending to lean forward to kiss her, but instead he kissed the doll. Pil Sook protested and left, but Jason made her stay.

Ouughh Jason! He just had a gut to kiss her nose?!! are you a man or what? Then it made Pil Sook shot the right action.

Hye Mi demanded the truth from Oh Yeok about her mom. She didn’t believe if Oh Yeok did really seduce her, so she asked if her mom was just a bitch. Oh Yeok finally told the truth. Hye Mi’s mom was very sick and she didn’t want to make her love ones suffer. So when she met her foolish old friend -the friend who was one sided love with her for years- she asked him to help her pretend to be a bad mother and wife, so then the family would move on easily after she gone. So then we knew that foolish guy was Oh Yeok and yes he was really an angel. And thankfully, Ms.Shi heard everything….

Sam Dong asked Jin Guk to hold on to Hye Mi to make her stay. He just didn’t care if Hye Mi’s heart was only for Jin Guk because what matter was her presence around him. He said he didn’t have any reason to ask her stay, but he couldn’t let her go.

The next day the Go Family was ready to go. Sam Dong didn’t come out to say goodbye. Hye Mi was still in doubt. It took awhile for Sam Dong to realize that he couldn’t just stay and not saying goodbye. For Sam Dong, Hye Mi was not only the girl he liked, she also the key person who brought him the light to let him to see what his dream was. She deceived him to come to Kirin, but it’s nothing to regret for Sam Dong. Whatever made him he was that far, it all thanked to Hye Mi. But he had to see her for the last time, so he ran…

He thought the bus was leaving, so he tried to run after it, but he failed. When he started to cry -almost- histerically, Hye Mi came from behind saying she’s not leaving. Hye Mi asked her father to let her finish working on their debut. It’d take one month and then she’d go.

The Dream High members and management were ready for their first album. Everyone worked hard.  The students practiced hard. Yang Jin Man and Ms. Shi guided them for choreography and song composition. Ma Doo Shik was busy making the album and promoted it to the TV station. So everyone was ready to make his/her dream came true…

One more episode to go…we’re gonna miss this drama. Taecyeon had already saying goodbye to his character, Jin Guk, yesterday…so they had wrapped up the drama officially. We’ll see tomorrow how it’ll end. Hopefully it’s giving us interesting surprises that will make this drama stay in our mind for along time. Have a nice weekend everyone ;) .

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