Dream High Episode 12 Summary

I like how this drama, this episode in particular, balance Sam Dong’s gloomy situation with some hilarious scenes on another area. We’ll be curious when Jason-Pil Sook’s relationship will step into another level, but another relationship is also developing and you’re gonna find out who I’m talking about are pretty soon ;) .

Hye Mi decided to refuse the offerings. She didn’t sign the contract and told Baek Hee not to worry she’s taking her spot. Jin Guk was the most disappointed one by Hye Mi’s decision. They’re so close to their dream of being on stage together to hand in hand reaching their dreams. I think it’s not that Hye Mi didn’t want it, but she valued her friendship with Baek Hee more.

Kang Oh Yeok was facing the teacher recruitment test. All the three nominees had to present the best teaching in front of a class of students and some judges. However, when it came to Oh Yeok’s turn, Principal Shi came with all the school boards and dismissed the students. He thought Oh Yeok would drop, but he was wrong. He was officially re-recruited as Kirin’s teacher. Jin Guk and Hye Mi welcomed him back cheerfully.

Ms. Shi was drunk, pittying herself for being such a terrible teacher that had led her student (Baek Hee) went too far breaking the rule. When she confronted Baek Hee about the “unoriginal” song composition issue, Baek Hee attacked her back that Ms. Shi was actually her inspiration. I don’t know why she asked Kang Oh Yeok to come along.

And here’s what I was talking about. Kang Oh Seon’s love life. She was actually drinking at the same bar with Ms. Shi, and when she was going back home, she’s definitely drunk. She met this one fine man out side the station. He’s young and good looking and he’s very nice that he even offered to walk her home. He gave Oh Seon his wool shawl when she complained about being cold and snowy. For you to know, the music scoring was taken from Winter Sonata…I think it was “From the Beginning until now”?

The man walked her back home. Oh Seon was losing herself that she went to kiss him passionately. However, when the truth was revealed for the audience………the fine young man turned out to be Ma Doo Shik all that time! :D The PD succeeded to fool us all.

Ma Doo Shik was surprised finding out that Kang Oh Seon was actually Kang Oh Yeok’s sister.

The shocking experience was very emotional for Ma Doo Shik. I think it’s called “Love Attack” :D . He thought it had to be a destiny, everything that happened to him started from Hye Mi’s father matter until the fake showcase. Everything was connected…and it led him to Kang Oh Seon.

Therefor, he instantly, at that very moment, decided to close down his night club and stop being “the mob”. He’s starting a new and legal business…

Pil Sook asked In Seong to take a picture of her for showcase profile. Jason came and annoyed them. He started to dislike seeing any other boys around Pil Sook. With an excuse that cellphone camera wouldn’t give her the best result, he took Pil Sook’s hand and took her to a professional photographer.

This couple is just so cute. Pil Sook was a little shy to come out wearing a costume. Jason said, “Why? It’s just me.” And when Pil Sook went out with her angel outfit…I could see there’s a change in Jason’s expression. His face kind of telling us that inside his head he said, “Oh..you’re so damn cute Pil Sook” :D

The photographer came and said, “You bring a pretty girl here…so who’s the girl in your phone wallpaper?” Jason didn’t say anything about it, but Pil Sook seemed to be curious.

Look at Jason’s expression watching her making pose.

Kirin School was having another showcase at the end of holiday class term. Each student will go solo. The K group member can choose which class they wanted to join (Ms. Shi or Oh Yeok). Jin Guk and Jason definitely chosed Mr. Kang’s class and surprisingly, Baek Hee chose his class too.

Kang Oh Yeok was more than pleased to see there’re three more students in his class and they got a real class! Well, Sam Dong wasn’t around yet, but he must be in this class too. Yang Jin Man was still neglected to publicly help Oh Yeok, so he gave instruction through phone call (to Oh Yeok’s phone) while he sat right out side the class.  He told the kids to play “Why you come to our home” game. [I don’t know if you know this game or not, but I used to play this kind of game when I was in elementary school].

Meanwhile, Sam Dong was getting dark. He’s about turning to be Dart Vader. Oooh, i hate seeing him with that sharp look. He’s pushing himself away from his friends,while his heart screamed for the other way.

Hye Mi was cleaning the floor at Kang’s residence when she found Sam Dong’s medical report. She found out Sam Dong’s hearing damage and felt terribly guilty. She asked Sam Dong for forgiveness because what happened to Sam Dong was the result of the hit on his head when he protected Hye Mi long ago. Hye Mi asked if it could be fixed, Sam Dong told her it couldn’t. She broke down and cried. Oh Yeok came and saw the scene. Hye Mi desperately said, “Teacher, please help us.” Suzy’s acting was getting better. She touched my heart with that plead.

Pil Sook found a cellphone on a table at the canteen. The other girls said it was Jason, he must have forgotten it. Pil Sook kept it safe and then recalled what the photographer said at the other day. Jason had a picture of a girl as his home screen picture. She’s so curious to see who that girl was.

She tried to push that naughty thought away and kept eating, but the temptation was too great to resist…

And when Pil Sook just about to unlock the phone…Jason came and grabbed it. “Did you or did you not see the home screen picture??” demanded Jason. Pil Sook said no, Jason looked relieved and left.

Actually I always wonder about whether or not Taecyeon can really sing like other 2PM vocalist. Well, he became the rapper not with no reason right? He did sing here, in this particular scene…but still, I was disappointed. While Wooyeong or Soo Hyun always sing live with piano…Taecyeon didn’t. :(

Sam Dong relived the moment when he first step his feet into Kirin and compare it with his present condition. That time he was a country boy with messy hair who came to Kirin because Hye Mi had seduced him and then he found his dream. Meanwhile at the present, he had become a cool boy with a great talent as a musician..but all his dream was about to fall apart.

And then he saw his friends. They’re still in full spirit and shining. He then decided to come to the class. Yang Jin Man was acting strange. He still didn’t want the public know he’s helping Oh Yeok’s class…well, yeah, organizationally he’s just an English teacher, not a dance/music teacher.

Yang Jin Man helped the students in choreography and helped Sam Dong in singing.

The day of the showcase had came. Ma Doo Shik came to Kirin School as an entertainment agent. He even showed Principal Shi his company certificate.

Ma Doo Shik coming to the showcase was an unfortunate event for Kang Oh Seon. She was covering the news, Kirin’s showcase, when she met Mr. Ma. Ma Doo Shik was more than happy to tell her about what happened between them in that snowy night. Kang Oh Seon was in a full shock.

Ms. Shi talked to Baek Hee at the backstage. She told her that what she did was wrong and she couldn’t cheat the audience. And a disaster happened when Baek Hee was performing backstage. She made the mistake and she had to pay it through a very hard way.

Sam Dong’s turn to go on the stage was next. Hye Mi had told him not to push himself too much if it’s just gonna hurt him more. Sam Dong still insisted to go. And when he’s on the stage…everything sounded so far away…

I really can’t wait to write the summary/recap for episode 13. Jason and Pil Sook, aaaahhh…

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