Dream High Episode 14 Summary

This episode was about Jin Guk’s big scandal which truth was soon going to be revealed. Baek Hee was in a severe desperation and Hye Mi came as a friend in need…so what really happened that night?

Remember when Baek Hee told Ms.Shi that Director Yoon was giving her another chance? It turned to be a dirty deal. That unfortunate night Baek Hee came to Dir.Yoon office…and no one would’ve ever known what happened to her if Jin Guk hadn’t accidently showed up in Dir.Yoon’s office. The drama didn’t show any dirty scene, but looking at Jin Guk’s brutal action, we kind of knew it had to be really ugly. Baek Hee told Hye Mi what really happened.

Hyeon Moo Jin picked up Jin Guk to go together to the hospital where Dir.Yoon was hospitalized. They’re about to make a public apologize. Jin Guk held his emotion to be plain and tried to be sincere in apologizing. But Dir.Yoon seemed to think that no one’s going to blow the whistle and his crime would never be exposed. Jin Guk wouldn’t say anything if he didn’t want to ruin Baek Hee’s name. Dir.Yoon snapped Jin Guk’s head several times and on the last attempt, Hyeon Moo Jin blocked him.

Kang Oh Yeok and Ms. Shi heard that Jin Guk’s scandal was related to Baek Hee, so they asked her to tell them what really happened that night. Kang Oh Yeok and Ms. Shi weren’t ready to hear the truth: Baek Hee was molested.

Baek Hee decided to make a report to the police. Hye Mi tried to stop him because it’d cost her own name, but Baek Hee couldn’t just stay quite and let all the blame was on Jin Guk. The real bastard should be punished. She talked to Hye Mi on the phone and asked er to sing their Kirin’s audition song: the Goose’s Dream. Hye Mi sang the song with teary eyes…this scene was very touching.

The news was spread instantly. Dir.Yoon paid for his crime.

While people were whispering about her, Jin Guk approached her to ask how she was. Baek Hee then made an official thanks to Jin Guk. She also told him about her being alone in love, and how she respected Jin Guk’s feeling to Hye Mi. The most important thing was they’re all best friends.

Regarding Dir.Yoon’s scandal, the school had to decide what’s going to happen to Group K members. Principal Shi seemed to unwilling to support Baek Hee, but Ms. Shi, his daughter, argued him hard for the first time.

The father and son  spent the day together. They rode on the ferris wheel again after a very long time.

Kang Oh Yeok persuaded Mr.Ma to consider other students to be recruited: Sam Dong, Baek Hee and Jin Guk.

There’s another audition announcement. Everybody was very excited. The six students gathered at the canteen and declared their commitment to go on to the audition together. Well, it’s gonna be so exciting if six of them were in the same group, wasn’t it?

Hye Mi was suspicious about Jason and Pil Sook. She asked how Pil Sook could be sure that Jason was the person she liked. Pil Sook said that he was the first person she thought in every situation.

Ms.Shi was turning way softer…no, she’s just in love. How could she had such an idea of putting that huge flower-hair-pin on her hair? Ma Doo Shik was looking for her. He offered her a role as the mentor for the next young talents in Mr. Ma’s agency.

Hye Mi, Jin Guk and Sam Dong were discussing the video concept for the audition. Kang Oh Yeok overheard them and said that all they needed to do was show who themselves and how much they had improved as a person. So the three started to had this bubble-thought in their minds…Oh, I was glad they gave us this kind of scene again! They’re so cute…

And then the three of them started to bring up their memories of each other. Jin Guk started by saying how much Hye Mi used sing like a robot,,,emotionless when singing the Goose’s Dream at the audition. Hye Mi started to lift up her memories when she first met Sam Dong, and Sam Dong reminded her about the lousy dance she had back then…the conversation went on and resulted Jin Guk to be the least to share stories. Well, practically, he wasn’t around much from the beginning and he realized Sam Dong beat him at this point.

So when he was in his room and Hye Seong approached him, he asked which one she liked the most…him or Sam Dong. Hye Seong seemed to give her vote for Jin Guk. She tricked him to kiss his cheek like the last time. Ohoo smart kid ;)

Jason and Pil Sook were so unified in every action then. They’re the ones to submit all the six’s application.

Baek Hee could get over her problem. Life had to go on and she knew it. She got a full support from friends and teachers, too..so, it’s not the end of her dream.

The shooting for the audition began. Everybody had his/her own concept for the video. Jason and Pil Sook went to this particular place which was like a castle slash museum…something like that. Pil Sook was playing guitar and singing Mariah Carey’s song beautifully…

Sam Dong had the smartest idea to tell about himself. He had these human poster of himself…showing his metamorphosis: from the lousy hair country boy who didn’t know his dream, to a Kirin students who’s finding out his dream…and look at him then. He had become a cool artist who’s ready to get his dream.

Jason’s video was quite boring. Practically he just dance…and dance…and dance…

Jin Guk was quite the same. If Jason had a beautiful setting in that museum, Jin Guk danced in their studio…

Hye Mi was showing how she had changed from the plainly emotionless singer to be a full spirit and cheerful Go Hye Mi who’s ready to be the best performer.

Yoon Baek Hee told her sad story and how she tried to be strong. Her dream wasn’t over yet and life had to go on. She would stand up again and wouldn’t stop to reach her dream.

Yang Jin Man came to bring the good news. The kids were accepted in Mr.Ma’s agency! He brought the news to Ms.Shi and they shared the joy. However, the first person popped up in Ms.Shi’s mind was Oh Yeok…so she ran out side, looking for him.

It’s quite overwhelming and touching for Oh Yeok, having this pretty and sexy woman called out his name and then ran to his hand. She hugged him tight… While all the witness-students were cheering, his father who was looking for his office window,freaked out. :D

Poor Yang Jin Man…He knew it’s not his game. That woman was for Kang Oh Yeok.

Meanwhile, at the Kang residence…Hye Seong answered the ringing phone. She was surprise to hear a very familiar voice. “Ohh, Daddy?”

Yang Jin Man continued to deliver the good news to Hye Mi. She was so excited. But unlike Ms.Shi who was so sure about having Kang Oh Yeok as the first person in her mind to share the joy with, Hye Mi was uncertain. She remembered what Pil Sook’s said and turned to be flustered.

She was shock of her own feelings…she wasn’t sure whom she really like: Sam Dong or Jin Guk. Therefore instead of calling out their names when she saw them coming, she hid herself and saw them passing by…

what a lucky girl being hit by two gorgeous boys…

Well, we’re nearly end and the drama was getting more and more interesting. You must have a question about Jason-Pil Sook right? wait till the next episode…I had a screen screaming again. ;) I try to write the summary soon.

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  1. Actually, SamDong was the 1st person appeared in HyeMi’s mind… Before HyeMi hiding herself, she was looking at the 2 guys. She was so focusing on SamDong (he was at the middle of her sight, JinGuk and teacher’s faces can’t even shown completely on the screen).
    She tried to hide herself because she was so shocked when she realised that SamDong is the one she love.

  2. It wasnt a mariah Carey song btw it was a Minnie Riperton the original singers song called Loving You

  3. can u tell me what is director yoon’s real name?

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