Dream High Episode 6 Summary

Look who ended up pitying herself for her own evilness. I couldn’t believe she’s able to do that, but I still have a faith that Yoon Bek Hee was not that evil. From her teary eyes I could tell that she’s sorry for hurting Song Sam Dong.

Sam Dong had to be taken to the hospital and got a small surgery. There wasn’t a serious injury on the brain, but Hye Mi just couldn’t stop worrying him and feeling guilty. Sam Dong was happy finding Hye Mi falling asleep next to him when he regained consciousness. Hye Mi couldn’t hold her emotion when she found out Sam Dong was okay.

Pil Sook was calling Hye Mi when Jason approached her and asked her how’s Sam Dong. Cutely Pil Sook didn’t see him coming that she knocked her self down her seat. Of course the gentle Jason offered her a hand and Pil Sook got it differently. But her bright mood immidiately changed when seeing Jason walked intimately with the pretty Ree Ah.

Baek Hee might be really sorry that she even went cleaning the “die” vandalism on Hye Mi’s locker. But disappointingly, she denied her sin when Jin Guk confronted her there. “Above all people, you’re the one I need the most to trust me,” pled Baek Hee holding Jin Guk’s hand firmly. And boys would be boys. He just stopped saying any words after that…

Getting back to Oh Yeok’s place, Sam Dong smugly said to Jin Guk that Hye Mi might really like him. He told Jin Guk that Hye Mi looked beautiful when she smiled. Jin Guk never saw her smile, but he’s always there when Hye Mi needed a shoulder to cry on. Sam Dong innocently asked why Hye Mi cried with him, Jin Guk smugly said that maybe she was comfortable crying with him. I like the competition between these two boys. They’re openly showing their intention in winning Hye Mi’s heart while they’re still good friends. Oh, one thing. I thought Sam Dong was really cool until Jin Guk caught him wearing his underwear. Gee Sam Dong, that’s someone else’s underware!

Sam Dong’s mom collapsed when she heard the news that Sam Dong was badly injured. Sam Dong got the news, so he rushed home. Thankfully his mom was okay. And when she asked about the injury, Sam Dong lied by saying that she might have mistaken getting the message. He said he’s performing at school’s showcase where parents were invited.

Hye was so worry about Sam Dong that she waited him at the Seoul bus terminal. Sam Dong was very flattered, but Hye Mi turned down the good mood right away. She asked Sam Dong to stay out of her business because she didn’t know how to pay her debt to him. She already owed him a life so another debt would be very hard for her. Sam Dong was disappointed, but he’s still cool. He accepted it and still determined to get Hye Mi’s heart.

At school, Jeong Ah Jeong was playing dirty by pretending to spread the rumour that Baek Hee was the criminal behind Sam Dong’s accident. She knew Baek Hee was listening inside the changing room. But surprisingly, Hye Mi who was apparently in the same room came out and confronted Ah Jeong. She said that the real Baek Hee she knew wouldn’t go that low, and she made sure Baek Hee listened to what she said carefully.

Sam Dong was really out of the line when he lied to his mom about his life at school. He said he’s popular (illustrated like the Boys After Flower) and Hye Mi fell for him (illustrated like Hong Ki Ju calling out Gu Eun Jeo). However, thanks to his lies, Kang Oh Yeok decided they should make a serious preparation for the showcase.

But trouble was a real friend for these kids. Principal Shi told Ms.Maeng to make the showcase impossible for the half-admission class and yes they did it. They made special requirements for the kids who wanted to perform on the showcase and they made only Oh Yeok’s class that’s uneligible. However, the creative Oh Yeok decided to make a fake showcase for the kids.

The heart broken Pil Sook decided to give up the school. She realized that she didn’t fit there. Kang Oh Yeok was not on his desk so she gave it Ms. Maeng. Yang Jin Man blamed her for the showcase’s requirement that it made a talented kid like Pil Sook thought she had no hope.

Pil Sook was cleaning up her locker (wait, is that a pan? You have a pan in your school locker? Pil Sook…you’re really something) when Jason watched her from in front f his locker. He said it’d be a great loss if she quit school because he wanted to perform on the stage with her. He said he liked her voice from the day of their audition. Yeah, Jason did look disappointed when he was announced to be paired with Ree Ah. So Pil Sook’s mood was high again. She tore her own resignation on Ms. Maeng’s desk.

The fake showcase was set up. Jin Man was appointed as the special trainer in music and dance, Ma Doo Shik was requested to rent the school on the day of the real showcase pretended that he needed it for having a community event, and Kang Oh Seon was requested to invite some journalist.

Sam Dong, Jin Guk, and Hye Mi was so eager to hold this fake showcase. They dilligently practiced dancing. Sam Dong couldn’t handle watching Hye Mi dancing with Jin Guk, while he had a trouble pairing with Pil Sook (she hit him on the “catch” part of the dance). They also cutely discussed the stage layout together.

Everything was fun until when they were looking for Kang Oh Yeok to talk about the budget. They went to this particular place to find Oh Yeok, but surprisingly they found their teacher was making a deal with Ma Doo Shik. Hye Mi (as well as the two boys) then found out that Oh Yeok covering up her family debt by giving his house certificate as a pledge.

Hye Mi was shock. For her Kang Oh Yeok was supposed to be a bad guy. He lured her mother to leave her family. She thought he’s her biggest enemy. But finding out what this guy had done for her…she was confused. Hye Mi ran out and cried. Jin Guk rushed after her and soothed her, as always.

They shared their hard life dealing with parents issue. Although not exactly the same, Jin Guk’s issue with his cold-hearted dad was quite as heavy as Hye Mi’s deadly-in-debt-dad and left-me-since-I-was-a-kid mom. Jin Guk then told Hye Mi to be success together. He wanted Hye Mi to be there together with him on the stage when they’re already success in the future. They both looked at Wonder Girl’s poster as if looking for their own dream…globally successful entertainer.

Things had gone very melancholy in the last part of this episode, and we still had to finish it with another heartbreaking moment. Jin Guk was walking Hye Mi back to the Kang’s house when he had an univited guest. His father arrived in front of the house with a firm face. Jin Guk approached him and was inteded to greet him politely when suddenly he gave him a hard slap. I guess it was the invitation to Kirin (fake) showcase that drove him mad.

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