Midas Episode 1 Summary – A Brief Introduction

With the disappoinment of the Thorn Birds, I gave myself a try to watch Midas. Well, this drama has been quite a buzz. I had no idea if it’s because of the promising leading couple, Jang Hyeok and Lee Min Jeong, or the story did give us something new… Anyway, let’s have a look on this first episode.

Please meet Kim Do Hyeon, a very high qualified young man in law and economic business who had been raised by a fish seller single mother. He was the top rank at uni and had been given good offering from some famous law firms in the country. Kim Do Hyeon was having an interview at a prestigious company,but he hesitated…waiting for the best offering. He has a lovely school sweetheart Lee Jeong Yeon.

Lee Jeong Yeon was a high qualified nurse who worked at ER. She still lived with her very wise and educated father. Her father, Lee Young Gook, ran a mechanic garage where Do Hyeon also worked there temporaryly. He liked his future son-in-law, but didn’t let him take everything for granted. Do Hyeon had to achieve 51 points to be able to marry his daughter, and currently he’s at 49 points with his bad singing Lady Camelia.

Jeong Yeon visit Do Hyeon place often. Well, they’re just the same as any other ordinary couples until this point. They’re waiting for Do Hyeon’s getting a good job and the father’s blessing to get married.

Do Hyeon attended a public lecture at uni hesitantly. I still didn’t get his expression in this. It seemed that he already knew the lecturer, a very famous Korean business woman, Yoo In Hye, but he didn’t. It’s just…there’s something in his eyes that told us something, but Do Hyeon remained silent.

Yoo In Hye was probably elegant from the outside, but when it got down to the business, she’s so sharp and strict. Her company was going to take over this particular company that lead to bankruptcy. She demanded a cut on some employees and the current board of directors and she’s not open for bargaining. And among her team…there’s Ricky Kim with his lousy hair cut. I hate that style on him :rolleyes: .

Do Hyeon was having another interview. The place was kind of a mansion and there’s so small information about this company, Dae Jung group. However, they seemed to be very interested in Do Hyeon. It turned out that they’d had Do Hyeon “investigated”. Do Hyeon knew this place from his professor’s recommendation.

The president of this company, Choi Gook Hwan, made a very interesting offer: a blank bank cheque as the first salary! Hoaa :o . And that’s not all, as soon as Do Hyeon signed the contract, he was officially a partner in the company. Do Hyeon was a bit confuse why they treasured him so much. Choi Gook Hwan told him that he had made a little research about him and found out that he’s a very high qualified and very potential person in the business. Choi Gook Hwan gave him an “interview tip.” It was a breath taking amount…really,for a tip.

Let’s go to another office for a while. It’s Yoo In Hye’s. That’s a very fancy office. She got a visitor and it was no other than Choi Gook Hwan. So Mr. Choi was the Yoo’s family “care taker”. He ran this family business and very loyal to Mr. Yoo, who’s currently  not in a good condition. Mr. Choi said that he’s about to retire, so he had to prepare someone to be his successor. He told her that he’d hired a very genius young man and asked her to read something interesting (a file related to that young man).

Yes, that’s the tip. A hundred million Won! Do Hyeon was contemplating…he had so many thing to consider about.

Meanwhile, Jeong Yeon was promoted from ER to this VIP ward…Patient on that VIP ward paid 4million won for a night of medical care.

It was Jeong Yeon’s birthday and she thought Do Hyeon forgot about it. She came home welcomed by her father, but then her father gave her a little present. Do Hyeon recorded a video….he finally proposed! Man, why didn’t you do it directly?

So actually Do Hyeon didn’t forget anything. He was there, planning to give her a surprise. And the real surprise was soon to be revealed.

Do Hyeon had bought a fancy car. And then he brought Jeong Yeon onto this fancy apartment with a crazyly beautiful view. So I think we knew what he had done with the bank notes of 100,000,000 won…and he decided to take the job.

Yoo In Hye was very overwhelmed by Do Hyeon’s writing about law and economy. She called Mr. Choi for a meeting and she said her interest in Do Hyeon. Mr. Choi said this kind of genius was a threat for their company, so he had to do everything to get him in and trained him to be his successor. Well, that’s clever…but I smelled something very fishy about the job.

Do Hyeon was clueless about his job. What he knew was he’s going to be an attorney in that company. But he didn’t know what awaited him in the near future…

Mr. Choi introduced him to the chairman of the group: the sick Mr.Yoo. This billionaire gave Do Hyeon a little test and it seemed that he passed it in a good mark.

Do Hyeon’s first task: get this particular young woman back home save and sound at any cost. He found her in a night club…over dose from a drug. Mr.Choi told Do Hyeon to take care of the matter and left everything clean and out of the public scene. Yoo Mi Ran was rushed to the hospital where Jeong Yeon was the nurse. Yoo Mi Ran was Yoo In Hye’s little sister.

So the genius Do Hyeon finally got a clue of what he’s going to be. He’s trained to be the next Mr. Choi for the Yoo family. He had to clean all the mess the family might get caught in….become their private attorney. And Do Hyeon just found out that Yoo In Hye was his boss’ daughter…so indirectly, she’s his boss too from then on.

So there they were. Yoo In Hye, Kim Do Hyeon and his surprised fiancee, Jeong Yeon. Their intertwined faith had just started there in the hospital.

My first impression of this drama was good, though I smell an un-happy ending…but it’s still too early to jump on the conclusion. So I think I’ll take a time to follow this drama.

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