Midas Episode 4 Summary

Midas episode 4 is turning my emotion up side down. Well, the uneasy feeling has started from the beginning, but at least Do Hyeon and Jeong Yeon managed to have a beautiful date. But as the drama went on…i started to feel the heartache… T_T

She asked Do Hyeon if he had reserved the whole restaurant just for both of them since there’s no other customers around. Do Hyeon said no, he couldn’t afford that kind of thing just yet. But I don’t know if he was lying or the restaurant was always that empty…by his waving hand, a surprise came out for Jeong Yeon. There’re four Il-Divo-like men sang a beautiful song for her. We could tell that she’s happy. And I was happy seeing Do Hyeon still had this kind of tender look when he watched Jeong Yeon’s expression. I guess part of this lovely place arrangement was “a little help” Yoo In Hye offered Do Hyeon before he left the Yoo mansion.

So the couple did make up. Do Hyeon presented a beautiful golden necklace to Jeong Yeon.
And they shared a passionate kiss…
This is what differs adult drama from teenagers drama. They made a REAL kiss. :D

Kim Tae Sung went to a shark loan to get some money.
He borrowed 300 million Won! Gee…The loan shark was an old friend, but he had confirmed him that when it came to money matter, he didn’t give a damn about anything.
So if he couldn’t pay him back, he’d be dead. And I have a very bad feeling about it.

Do Hyeon and his team started to launch the bait on stock market. He made the Sejin Bio share price raising up and to look like the most potential trend on the market. And as he had predicted, Yoo Sung Joo fell for it. He demanded 30 billion Won from the family capital. This bad tempered man is just too greedy.

The next day at work, Jeong Yeon’s cheerful mood was instantly ruined by her own friend. She was admiring Jeong Yeon’s necklace and asked if his boyfriend had already been THAT RICH. She said it was not a mere necklace that you could buy in any jewelry store. It was made by a special order and worthed tons of money. She said there’re only two options: one, Kim Do Hyeon was that rich, or two, the necklace was a fake.

Jeong Yeon made it a big issue. She demanded the truth from Do Hyeon. And when Do Hyeon told him the truth, it was just the worst ever. He told her that it was a gift from Yoo In Hye and he had no idea how much it worthed it. Jeong Yeon told him to return it. So boys, remember this. If you are about to give a nice present to your girlfriends, make sure it wasn’t gift from another woman, especially if that other woman is your sexy boss.

This issue led to another. Jeong Yeon cried out about how much Do Hyeon had changed. She said it seemed that he had signed a contract with the devil and he let himself to be dragged into it. (Hah! that’s what I said earlier, wasn’t it?)
She then asked the forbidden question: “If you have to choose between me or your current job, which one would you choose?”

Do Hyeon emotionally admitted it that yes he had change. He said,”Finally I find someone who acknowledge my talent and I can be a rich person with it. I’ll be richer, your rich man. It’s something that my mom always talk about and now I have everything right in front of me. I won’t let it go.” Then he took Jeong Yeon’s hand and say, “All you have to do is just stay by my side and hold me tight. Because if you don’t, this hand…might let you go.”
Aaarrrrggh… T_T

“Wise man said, only fools rush in”…..That song was so perfect for Kim Tae Sung. He’s just so reckless. He was in a full spirit watching Sejin Bio share’s price kept rising up..so he went out to treat his fellows some fancy stuffs.

I love this scene, the spot where In Hye had a meeting with Do Hyeon…I love the view to skyscrapers. In Hye asked if the plan of putting on Sung Joo behind the bar would harm Do Hyeon. He said no. He’d make it very smooth and untracable.

So, the next, by a flip of his hand…the real war started. They were making the Sejin Bio share price had a free fall on the market.

Jeong Yeon was set up by her friend to have a drink in this particular bar. She wanted her to cheer up and finally confessed that she was bribed by this rich guy to bring her there. She pointed to the stage: Yoo Myung joon was performing on stage, with his red suits and guitar…which girl wouldn’t see it attracting? Only Jeon Yeon. She was about to leave when Myung Joon caught her. He said as an expert in man-woman relationship, he knew she’s having a problem with her man. So he was simply offering himself as a friend to talk to if she needed someone to burst out her feeling to.

The Sejin Bio share was a total failure on the market, thanks to Do Hyeon. He was succeeded. Mr. Choi had to work hard to let Yoo Sung Joo escape the jail. Chairman was furious. The candidacy of his successor might likely to be changed after this incident. He summoned another child who played a big role is saving the family’s capital from a total broke: In Hye. He asked her to take care of family capital from then on.

They succeeded. In Hye congratulated Do Hyeon. And without their notice, Mr. Choi started to be suspicious about their partnership.

Mr.Lee advised his daughter to make the fisrt move to make up her relationship with Do Hyeon. Do Hyeon was actually standing in front of their house, but he hesitated and did nothing, just stare at his phone home screen picture.

Jeong Yeon tried to reach Do Hyeon phone, but it was turned off. She called his office and then informed that Do Hyeon was in Busan. She decided to go there. What she didn’t know was, he was on business trip with Lone Asia.

Do Hyeon quietly had his mind thinking about Jeong Yeon, but his ambition was just too big for him to control. In Hye told him that people needed not to look back to be in this war, to achieve his goal in this business. she asked if he was ready to move forward and remove any obstacles from the past.
He said yes.
“Even if the obstacle is Jeong Yeon?” she asked again.

Aaarrggghhh. T_T I think I’m confirmed where this drama is leading to….

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