Gu Family Book Episode 18 Quick Summary

Let’s just go to the scene where Gu Family Book ended in the previous episode. Seo Hwa was rising her dagger and asked who Kang Chi was. Innocently Kang Chi just said, “anooo…” and made the funny gesture.

In the main room, the entertainment night was interrupted after a samurai came and informed something to the translator. The lady and the translator were on their way out when a gisaeng pretended to be accidentally bumped into the lady. The gisaeng pretended to help her cleaning her kimono and then pulled down the kimono so her bare shoulder was shown. There’s no tattoo. Gisaeng Cheon immediately informed Mr.Jo that the lady was a fake.

In Seo Hwa’s room, Kang Chi finally found out that the lady could speak Korean. He tried to make sure that he’s not the bad guy and the real bad guy was Mr.Jo. Then Kang Chi told her that since she’s staying in that place, there were three dishes she should eat that they were very delicious and she wouldn’t regret eating them. Seo Hwa then asked what his name was. KAng Chi told her his name: Choi Kang Chi: Kang for river, Chi for the guy, so his name’s meaning was the guy that was abandoned on the river. When Kang Chi left the room, one part of the map got left behind and Seo Hwa found that…and got angry.


Kang Chi went to the Yeo Wool. Then Tae Seo found them, seeing them holding them. But he just coldly said that they shouldn’t be caught so they should follow him.

Gisaeng Cheon and her group almost left Mr.Jo’s place when Mr.Jo stopped them, accusing Gisaeng Cheon for smuggling some things or some suspicious people out of the house. He made a sudden inspection, but found nothing suspicious. Apparently, Tae Seo and Gisaeng Cheon worked together to smuggle Kang Chi, Yeo Wool, and Geon.

The three people had to spend the night in the gisaeng house, more specifically in Cheong Jo’s room. It was an awkward moment for them…more because of the outfit.


As soon as they’re arrived there, Gisaeng Cheon picked them up for a meeting with Mr.Lee and Mr.Dam. Kang Chi immediately reported the thing that he took from the ninja meeting. He just realized that one more piece was missing, while the men were discussing about the map and the possibility of war. Back to Seo Hwa, he gathered his men and ordered them to get Kang Chi and the rest of the map pieces.

Kang Chi tried to explain to Geon and Yeo Wool how he lost one piece of map. Kang Chi said that he just had a short conversation with the Japanese guest who seemed to be a nice person. Geon and Yeo Wool guessed that the guest had to be pretty. Kang Chi tried to deny, but failed.

Cheong Jo overheard Gisaeng Cheong and Mr.Dam’s conversation about Seo Hwa and her relationship with Kang Chi, but not that clear yet. She went into the kitchen and asked the lady worker about Seo Hwa.

Mr.Jo complained to Seo Hwa. This time his bargain was his ability to help her finding the map, means finding Kang Chi. In return, he wanted to see her face in person. Seo Hwa agreed. Mr.Jo seemed to remember something when seeing her face. He turned pale immediately. He asked if she’s Yoon Seo Hwa. Seo Hwa said that she’s not and told him her new name instead.


Gisaeng Cheong had a private conversation with KAng Chi. She’s bringing up the topic about his mother. Kang Chi asked if she knew his mother. Gisaeng Cheong didn’t answer, instead she gave him some homework to finish. She drew a Chinese  character and told Kang Chi to solve it himself.

Yeo Wool and Cheong Jo were in the same room. Cheong Jo asked if Seo Hwa, the noble girl whose family was false accused and she was sold to the gisaeng house, was Kang Chi’s mother. Yeo Wool said that she just knew as far as the name. Then Cheong Jo was talking about how Seo Hwa was living with Kang Chi’s father who wasn’t human but tried to be and then Kang Chi’s father was killed by Mr.Dam. She also asked if Yeo Wool knew about it. Yeo Wool didn’t have to answer. Then Cheong Jo asked if Kang Chi knew about this fact. Yeo Wool didn’t answer either, but hurriedly left the room. But as soon as she opened the door, Kang Chi was there. He asked if what he heard was true. Yeo Wool didn’t answer and just left. She came home and cried with Geon. Cheong Jo said sorry to Kang Chi and asked how much he heard. Kang Chi said he heard everything.


Wol Ryeong condition was not getting better yet. The Monk tried to help him. Wol Ryeong was suffered not only because of the scratch caused by Kang Chi, but also by his confused memory that caused confused personality.

The Monk came to Mr.Dam. While Yeo Wool and Geon went back to Cheong Jo to ask about Kang Chi’s whereabout. But he wasn’t there. Kang Chi was in fact going to visit Mr.Dam at home, but this time in a different situation. Mr.Dam let Kang Chi hold the sword that he used for killing his father.  Mr.Dam explained to Kang Chi the situation during that time, how his father tried to be human but then had to be killed as he was considered to be dangerous, especially for Seo Hwa. Kang Chi was still upset. No matter what his family was torn apart. For Kang Chi, that sword was the beginning of his family’s tragedy.

When Geon and Yeo Wool came back home, they found Kang Chi in front of Mr.Dam’s quarter. He was quiet and his hands had bloods. Geon ran to his master while Yeo Wool…it’s a very difficult situation for her. Kang Chi could only whispered her name in his heart. Yeo Wool just walked pass him without even looking at him.


When Geon and Yeo Wool came into Mr.Dam’s room, Mr.Dam was okay…it was just the sword that was broken into two. Kang Chi broke them. Apparently, Kang Chi was upset but he decided the wise way. Yeo Wool hurriedly ran outside to search for Kang Chi.

She found him in front of the gate. Yeo Wool tried to explain, but she couldn’t. And this time, it was Kang chi who just walked pass her. Yeo Wool was already crying when suddenly Kang Chi came back to hold her from the back. Kang Chi said, “Don’t ever do that again, keeping secret from me. Don’t ever do that again, going out and leaving me just like that.” Kang Chi tried to sooth Yeo Wool. He asked her to see him in the eye. He said, “I love you.I really love you so much.” And then they were hugging and crying together.


In the Monk’s library, Wol Ryeong looked like being poisoned. His blood vessels turned black.


Mr.Jo got the information from one of the gisaengs about Kang Chi and his friends hiding in the gisaeng house.Mr.Jo had a plan.

That afternoon Kang Chi got a visitor: Cheong Jo’s maid. She said that Cheong Jo had something to talk to him in private.

Geon noticed something weird when Yeo Wool’s trainer informed him that Yeo Wool got a visitor: Cheong Jo. He remembered Kang Chi excused himself for awhile because he had to visit Cheong Jo. Kang Chi came into the room in the gisaeng house and saw Cheong Jo. Meanwhile the real Cheong Jo was visiting Yeo Wool to apologize about what happened the other night related to Kang Chi.
Thankfully, Gisaeng Cheon caught the traitor gisaeng was tricking Kang Chi. But Kang Chi had drunk the drugged liquor already so he had no power to struggle when Mr.Jo and his men burst in and dragged him out.

Seo Hwa got the news that Kang Chi was caught. She saw Kang Chi was chained. Mr.Jo explained to Seo Hwa that Kang Chi was not a human and he’s letting her see when Kang Chi transformed. Mr.Jo had his man take off the beads. Kang Chi struggled, but he transformed into his beast mode. Seo Hwa seemed to be in pain watching what happened before her eyes. Mr.Jo challenged Seo Hwa: “that’s the guy you are looking for, correct?!” Kang Chi struggled and suddenly lost his consciousness.


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  1. Thank you for the speedy recap!! Can’t wait to see how the reunion between kang chi and seo hwa plays out.

  2. Thanks so much!! <3!

  3. Thank you very much for this summary!

    Man I feel so sorry for WolRyung. He is forgetting everything and he said he really will become a demon even if he forgets all the memories.
    Writer Nim please !!! have mercy on this fella who brought his lover a bag full of butter flies just to see her smile. He deserve the happy. *sniff*

  4. Hurrayyyy, thank you very much 4 the quickest recap ;) two thumbs up for KC’s actions when he knew about his parents & YW’s dad. He proved his love to YW more deeper in this episode. Hiks what happened to WR? hope he can heal & find his love again when he meet SH. Btw, SH’s expression is telling GW that she is really SH. Anyway, i’m happy SH finally knew that KC is her son with WR. I want to see her expression when know/see WR is still alive (and young, too) hehehe

  5. I hope they do realize that the only way they are going to live is from the help of kang chi he’s the only one that can fight his father off. Whatever happen to the evil guy’s deputy chief I thought he wasn’t completely dead yet???….can’t wait til next monday!!

  6. wow! This is a very good drama

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