Finally, Jo In Sung Without Uniform

I admit that Jo In Sung looked more dashing with uniform, but frankly I prefer to see him in his casual style. In casual style he looks more humane…the feeling that i can reach him :mrgreen:

Lately, after 2 days discharged from military service, at May 6th Jo In Sung was seen at the airport, it’s children day in Korea, apparently he will take some vacation before starting his jobs.

He wore simple outfit, but he still looks gorgeous. oh damn! why his body is so perfect??? may I say that he’s so beautiful? because he is.

I don’t regret waiting for him for 2 years, even i feel thankful because he looks cooler after graduating from the military. oh I like them all (Jo In Sung, Jo Hyun Jae, etc) who had just come out from military service, because the fact is the military practice would enhance their charm.

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2 Responses to Finally, Jo In Sung Without Uniform

  1. JIS is really handsome in whatever clothes he wear.Of course he’e perfectly tall that’s why he is undoubtedly an attractive actor not to forget that he really acts so well.I like him with Ha Ji Won, an equally talented, attractive and very good

  2. Jo In Sung is really an outstanding actor. He seems very attractive and gorgeous in this outfit but no matter what, I still like him whether in military service or in limelight.

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