Jo In Sung Started His Adventures

Since he discharged from military on May 4th, I can’t take my eyes off of him. So sorry if you get bored reading my articles about him. After taking a short vacation, he already started his jobs frenzy, starting with photo shoot for an outdoor clothing brand, Black Yak.

His image as a fresh graduate from military that made him looked cooler, dashing, sexier, wild, etc. Be used to presenting these climbing suit products. With “Modern & Extreme” concept, Jo In Sung appeared as an adventurer.

But, however he poses his smile always so cute and made me want to hug my teddy bear doll, because he become so adorable with his smile.

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  1. hello! i really appreciate your updates of In-sung ssi from counting the hours of his discharge to now (just lurking around)!!! keep it up!

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