Five Fingers Episode 1 Summary

The story started with a famous pianist, Yoo Ji Ho was having an amazing battle performance with his little brother, Yoo In Ha. Their fingers were fast and their piano performance awed all the audience. But then the scene moved to Yoo mansion, where their mother, Chae Yeong Rang, was ready for a private dinner at home with someone. She was ready in her room, wearing beautiful pink dress and expensive necklace. When someone set a fire through litting the candle on the dining table and let them drop. Yeong Rang could smell the smoke and when she opened the door to see outside, she saw her son, looking flat to her in the middle of fire. She asked to be saved, but he son just left no matter how hard she screamed to be saved.

Then the story went to 14 years earlier in an island. Little Yoo Ji Ho had a simple life with his grandmother, but he got the ‘freedom’ of any village boys could have in their childhood, running through the woods and neighborhood. Meanwhile In Ha, lived with his mother in their high class life with so many maids, but In Ha was complaining about their side dish on the table that were always the same everyday. His mother persuaded him to keep eating the food, but he left the table.Later on when Yeong Rang and In Ha were about to leave the house, Yeong Rang was caught into an argument with her bossy mother in-law about the food.

Back to the village, the small boy was back home with a net of shells and some other things on his hand. There he found a guitar that belong to an ajeossi who eventually let him played it. The small boy was playing the guitar by making sounds that he thought representing the sounds he picked from the surroundings, like the sound that his grandmother wanted to hear and the sound of the wind he’s hearing at that moment.

In the city, In Ha was having a piano performance with a little girl as the vocal for the song. But In Ha intentionally put the high note on his playing that the girl couldn’t reach the same note and got embarassed in front of the audience. Because the girl’s mother brought up the topic about In Ha as his father’s son, Yoo Man Se. In Ha and his mother ended up arguing about how his father had made him became like this. Yeong Rang got a phonecall from an old acquintance who seemed to be her junior. This woman talked about an office-tel and about meeting her husband 6 months ago. It seemed that the two had had an affair though now they ended it. And then she talked about the exchange of the office-tel and she gave her a ring Yeong Rang was very familiar with: her own wedding ring.

At home, Yeong Rang and her husband’s relationship was abit awkward. The maid just told Mr.Yoo that her wife was not feeling well, but Yeong Rang didn’t tell anything to her husband. This woman also had a difficult time with her mother in-law. In Ha saw his mother was having a heavy look and asked if she’s okay. Yeong Rang said as long as she had In Ha by her side, she’d be okay. Then on the swimming pool, Mr.Yoo who’s accompanying his mother who demanded a night swim, found something in the bottom of the pool: his wife’s wedding ring.

In the village, the young boy was awaken by the sound of the thunder. He asked his grandmother not to leave him alone at home, but she had somewhere to go. That boy was looking for his grandma and found a mysterious car passed by and his grandma was lying on the ground. She’s dead. Mr.Yoo immediately got the news. The next day he reported the accident to the police office. The police man asked if he remembered the car. That boy said it’s dark so he couldn’t see the car, but he remembered the sound of the horn. Then he recalled it’s the same sound as the horn of the car that splashed him water on the road the other day. He remembered it as the “Frog Uncle” car because there’s a frog toy on the rear window of that black car.

He’s back home and alone. He’s crying over his grandmother’s last cook for him when some guys in black suits came and took him off. That boy was trying to escape by swimming across the bridge. But of course he failed and the men helped him. Those men were not actually bad guys. They’re Mr.Yoo’s men. Ji Ho asked who he was. Mr. Yoo told him, “I’m your father.” Before leaving he gave Ji Ho his business card. He said Ji Ho should remembered his father’s name, Yoo Man Se, well because his life would determine by that name.

Mr.Yoo brought Ji Ho home and weirdly in a very casual way introduced Ji Ho as his son with the woman he met before his marriage. He forced his wife to take Ji Ho as her eldest son and In Ha to take Ji Ho as his big brother. What the… I mean, casually? Without any guilt? That man was so cruel to his wife and his son.

When his wife was trying to talk about this matter worrying about In Ha, Mr.Yoo just responded her coldly. So the reason of this cold marriage was because Mr.Yoo knew that Yeong Rang had had a man she’s probably still in love with.

In Ha of course gave Ji Ho a hard time. They had to share the same room. When they’re having a fight before bed and Ji Ho hurt In Ha’s hands, Yeong Rang was gentle to Ji Ho while Mr.Yoo made Ji Ho grounded in the storage room.

Mr.Yoo wondered to his wife why she never asked who Ji Ho’s mother was. He told her she’s someone Yeong Rang knew. But his wife just gave him a flat look, didn’t say anything.

Ji Ho was really traumatized by the thunder that he fainted in the storage room. When he woke up, In Ha’s mother took care of him very well just like a mother. Ji Ho leaned on her chest saying that she smelled good. Yeong Rang told Ji Ho that he could lean to her whenever he needed someone to lean to. That poor boy said it’s his first time being hugged by a mother.

In Ha was playing a piano when his mother came and argued about the same sound he produced with his playing. Then suddenly Ji Ho came telling that the sound he just produced was different from before. Yeong Rang was surprised and made Ji Ho guessed the sound her piano produced through her fingers. She introduced the seven note to him and then made him guessed. He could guess all sound even when she produced more than three note at the same time. This kid had something with his listening. And Mr.Yoo also came down and found what his eldest son was capable of doing. Then his father decided Ji Ho to learn how to play piano.

In Ha was already in advance level when Ji Ho just started learning. They got them the same piano teacher. But Ji Ho learned fast. At school, Ji Ho also came to the same club as In Ha to ask In Ha to teach him how to play piano well. In Ha rejected him and challenged him for an audition before joining the club. In Ha made his friends played some notes with different music instrument and Ji Ho should play the same note with piano. And just by listening to those plays, Ji Ho did play the same notes with piano.
Coming home, In Ha protested why Ji Ho should tailed him whenever all the time: same room, same school, same teacher and then same club. In Ha pushed Ji Ho to the swimming pool, but Ji Ho didn’t move. In Ha thought something bad happened to him, but Ji Ho got him. It’s just a prank.

The grandmother stole some foods from the vendor. It’s a couple with pregnant wife and deaf husband. But they’re very nice people who ran a happy life and had a big dream for their child.

In front of Bu Seong music store, Ji Ho looked inside. A little girl looked inside too, just next to him. She said she wanted to play piano and Ji Ho took her in and taught her how to play piano. When they’re playing, the little girl suddenly cried. She said she remembered her late father who couldn’t hear this beautiful sound anymore. Ji Ho said playing piano is not merely producing sound, but it’s about expressing the feeling. They ran away when the shop keeper caught them and spent the afternoon together riding a bike.
Coming back home, Ji Ho was punished by his father. Yeong Rang defended Ji Ho and treated his wound. Yeong Rang told Ji Ho that from now on, they would treat him the same way as In Ha. And she also asked him to start calling her “mom”. It’s still hard for Ji Ho, but Yeong Rang gave him time for that.

In Ha took it hard too. It’s hard for In Ha to share everything with Ji Ho, including his mother. Then they argued about what the best pianis was and In Ha pushed Ji Ho to the aquarium. The aquarium crack, and Yeong Rang pushed both boys away to save them. But at the end, the one she covered was only Ji Ho. She looked at the suffering In Ha, but she kept holding Ji Ho instead.

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I know I can’t tell much from the first episode. But I think I’m gonna like Joo Ji Hoon’s character, as well as Ji Chang Wook’s with their complicated childhood. Actually I found the family conflict is tooooooo mediocre and very K-drama type. But I love watching them playing piano, so I hope they will show more piano playing conflict than this family drama things.

Well, I’m looking for an alternative after finding “Faith” as not that interesting. I don’t know I just lost the feeling after episode 2. I missed “Five Fingers” live broadcast because of my busy weekend, but now I’m giving it a try. Ohh, I need a really interesting drama that offers us something different!

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  1. The relationships are definitely complicated. The flash forward at the beginning definitely draws you in because you see how the angel of a mother (c’mon, your cold husband announcing a child just days after finding out about affair) and you treat said child truly like your own and he is setting fire to the house? I’m definitely curious at this point. I thought the ending where you see her protect Ji Ho instead of In Ha was like WOAH! I found it interesting and hope to continue even though subs are slow in getting done.

  2. Please don’t stop the recap. The subs are taking MUCH longer than usual and episode 2 hasn’t even been subed!! It is so annoying because i actually find this drama interesting.

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