New SBS Weekend Drama “Five Fingers” Press Conference

Joo Ji Hoon’s fans everywhere must be so excited welcoming him again on small screen through drama “Five Fingers“. Following up “Gentleman’s Dignity” which had finished last week with a nice happy ending, SBS new weekend drama “Five Fingers” is ready for its first broadcast this Saturday, August 18. And today, August 16, the official was holding the press conference at Lotte Hotel, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. All the leading casts of the drama, Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook, Ham Eun Jeong and Chae Si Ra, as well as Jeon Mi Seon attended the event. They all looked neat and classy in suits and dark color dresses.

Let’s see a bit more detail.

Joo Ji Hoon, “I’m back to home theater after a long time.” I like his purple suits…I never thought that purple suit could suit a man that nice. But seeing right down to the shoe…hmmm no socks? (or below ankle socks)

Ji Chang Wook, “I’ll show you an awful villain.” Our good boy Donghae (he’s famous for his drama “Smile Donghae”) will transform into an awful villain for the first time, and I’m personally look forward to watching it. But today Ji Chang Wook looks awesome as always. And about his appearance on this event…wait, that checkered grey suit remind me of Cheon Jeong Myeong’s when he attended Go Soo’s wedding, BUT Ji Chang Wook’s version is waaaaayyyy better. No hideous tie and the pattern looks smooth…

Which one is your favorite? :) Fashion wise… I prefer Ji Chang Wook :D He might not be as tall as Jo Ji Hoon, but at this event, with his fresh hairstyle, handsome smile, nice suit and those cool shoes…Ji Chang Wook was perfect.

And here comes the ladies…

This is Ham Eun Jeong’s first public appearance after T-Ara’s crisis. Some has lost their respects for T-Ara’s members, but Ham Eun Jeong looked fine in that event. Despite T-Ara’s crisis, I think she will give her best in acting for this drama. She attended the event with innocent-girl style with simple black dress but attractive red shoes. I’m not a fan of Eun Jeong’s legs, but I loooooovvveee those shoes!

Jeon Mi Seon with her simple but sexy dress…She’s probably an ajumma, but she doesn’t look like one at all. She’s just a beautiful lady. I saw an episode of KBS “Happy Together” when she became the guest star along with some other casts of “Ojakgyo Brothers”. I remember Jung Woong In once said that any drama having Jeon Mi Seon in it are those high ranking ones. If that’s how it really works with her, let’s hope for the best for “Five Fingers.”

And last but not least, and my most favorite from the event: Chae Si Ra. She looked so perfect! I don’t mind her looked-like-exaggerate necklace, because her dress won all the attention. I just simply love her dress. So unique and sexy. She’s probably not young anymore, but see her body line….don’t you envy her?

Again, which one is your favorite? :D

And I like these candid pics:

Shy arm…

Let me tell you a secret…

Oh these adorable boys.. :)

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3 Responses to New SBS Weekend Drama “Five Fingers” Press Conference

  1. jihoon-aaa…..okariinasai…..gambatte!!!!!!!!
    hope the drama is another good product from SBS since two most elegant and talented actor acting in together…….eager to see chang wook-ssi with his villain role….will it be sweet villain with his devilish eyes?

  2. Chae Si Ra is the best 4 me. Can’t wait to see her on the screen. Hope that she’s have a time as well as healthy so she can act more.
    Joo Ji Hoon…….don’t stop acting or making good performance……. you were born for it.

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm…………………. ok what are these things here?

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