Joo Ji Hoon’s Comeback Drama “Five Fingers” Revealed Teasers

After 5 years of “break” finally this summer, Joo Ji Hoon, officially comes back on small screen. This week his SBS up-coming drama “Five Fingers” unveiled the teasers.

On “Five Fingers” he has got role as the genius pianist with absolute pitch. The drama tells about his journey to become the world professional pianist. On his way he must deal with the rival, Ji Chang Wook, not only on the career but also on love. There will be Ham Eun Jung between them.

On the pics, the four leading roles showed up, they posed so seriously. Joo Ji Hoon in the middle with the  piano, while his rival, Ji Chang Wook, looks so handsome and proud. Frankly, until now i can’t imagine that Ji Chang Wook plays as antagonist. His face belongs to good boy, too sweet to belong to evil. Then, the female roles, Ham Eun Jung (T-Ara), apparently for her role on this drama she wears hair extension,  maybe to show her innocent character. And it’s quite different with Chae Si Ra who looks so bold and sexy, especially with her red gown.

“Five Fingers” is to replace “Gentleman’s Dignity” that will be ended this up-coming August.

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  1. oh no! donghae is JJH’s antagonist? we, we, why? JJH, fighting!

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