Four Members of KARA Split from Their Agency

Sometimes I wonder don’t they (the idol groups members) get exhausted by their activities? They took part in many variety shows, as a host, play in the drama or movie, singing, dance practices, recordings, tours to other countries and most importantly they are still students. I wonder how they manage their time? Will they not be tired?

And I think this is the answer to my questions. KARA, one of the popular girl groups (and also one of my favorite) finally give up. They were exhausted following the schedule provided by their agency.

And as the result, on January 19th, they released an official statement through their lawyer. They decided to move out from their agency, DSP Media Entertainment. Their reasons were DSP Media have exploited them to gain huge profits and had no attention to their personal time and their health, they are not given the opportunity to take a rest and they should not refused the schedule given by the agency.

Kara’s members, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole, and Jiyeong are those who were out from their agency, but I wonder why their leader, Gyu Ri is not in the lawsuit. Gyu Ri, who was still busy with her-work-self said not knowing about these lawsuit (how could? They are your yeodongsaengs). She didn’t want to say much before she knows the problem, soon she will speak with her yeodongsaengs and the agency about this problem.

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