FT Island’s “Hello Hello”: Nice Composition

I’ll probably sound unfair if you compare this article to my review on 2PM’s “Hands Up”, but I think if you really listen to this song, you’ll get something stick in you mind afterward.

I found this song quite bizzare with the combination of FTIsland’s-Japanese-Rock-style and some sort of 19th century puppet show/ opera song….you know the down beat part where they use conventional guitar instead of the electric one..that gave me a certain chills. I have to say it’s a clever thing. And I also like the rap part. As for the chorus…what sticks in my mind everytime i hear this part (you this song is almost in every music chart or music show nowadays) is Lee Hong Gi’s hand gesture (the “hello hello” and “goodbye goodbye” part precisely) which now is very popular. And I like Hong Gi’s new hair style…at least his cuter face is a good camuflage  of his wacky attitude :D .

[by Rizz]


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