Full House 2’s Casts (Finally) Confirmed

After a long negotiation and  almost failed, finally the leading roles of Full House’s  have been confirmed. On October 25th through their agency, Core Content Media, Noh Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum announced their involvement in “Full House 2” project. They already signed the contract. This is really confirmed?? That Noh Min Woo will play as the narcissistic singer-actor, Lee Yeong Jae, and Hwang Jung Eum will play as Han Ji Eun, a straight forward and cheerful woman. Actually i’m still confused about this Fullhouse 2, is this drama will be the sequel or the remake from Full House 1???

Beside them, other casts are also confirmed, Lee Seung Hyo and Park Gi Woong. Lee Seung Hyo will act as Lee Yeong Jae’s manager, and Park Gi Woong will be as the third person between Han Ji Eun and Lee Yeong Jae.

Park Gi Woong

This drama has long been awaited by the fans of Full House, even in overseas, like Japan. They’ve set a slot for Full House 2 on March at TBS channel. To keep on that schedule, “Full House 2” will begin shooting on mid-November.

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